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Salem-style English CVVC v1.1.0


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FelineWasteland submitted a new resource:

Salem-style English CVVC - Efficient, customizable, and carefully constructed English method & style guide.

Link includes reclists, base otos, presamp templates, and a detailed tutorial for making and using S-CVVC voicebanks.

Salem-Style English CVVC, or Salem CVVC / S-CVVC for short, is not a single reclist, but rather a method and style guide for English DIY vocal synths. It's built for use in UTAU and OpenUTAU, but could reasonably be used in other softwares.

It's really nothing revolutionary; just a careful construction of voicebank...

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Feral Catboy
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FelineWasteland updated Salem-style English CVVC with a new update entry:

Version 1.1

* Added short string variants of reclists and add-ons (only short string LITE list has been tested)
* Removed reduced diphthongs [e] and [o] from the GenAm FULL list due to infrequent usage and being difficult to produce in isolation. These phones still exist in the documentation as optional extras. Kept reduced diphthong [a]. Change applies to core list and add-ons.

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