Shin'nosuke Hankyo -HORUS- Design Contest


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Hello Everyone!

Shin'nosuke Hankyo is having a TRIPLE update on his VCV, on his JP CVVC and an Append: "HORUS" a brighter, younger sounding VB! And I need a design for it!

"But Auto, I have seen your art, why are you holding this contest?"
I want to get the community involved in developing designs! Designing can be a lot of fun and is one of my favorite parts of developing a VB!



The goal of the design is to create a younger version of him, using a similar palette! The theme for the HORUS' design is:​

"Bright as the Sun, pleasant as a the cool breeze in a hot day, the things that make your day"

You can mantain the palette, or play around with it, and do a complete overhaul of his design, while maintaining his body-type of (athletic / muscular) There's no boundaries in the size, and it doesn't matter if it's digital or traditional!

---------------------------------- BASES AND PRIZES -------------------------------------
  1. The aforementioned Contest witll be held from the 25th of April to May 30th until 12:00 AM (GMT-4)
  2. All designs should be submitted to either here in UTAforum or through Discord @Orpheus#3624 only two designs will be accepted per person
  3. All the designs will be jugded from three parameters. Each parameter judged in a Scale from 1 to 5 in case of a tie, the choice will be made by automatique. The following parameters are:

    1. The functionality of the design, in example, if the UTAU needs to dance in an scenario, don't make him attached to a machine
    2. The adhesion to the theme given
    3. The overall attachment of the "younger" idea.
  4. Every user who has submitted artwork will receive an 400 x 400 simple headshot icon by automatique, the character of choice need to be submitted privately to Automatique
  5. There would be 3 places and prizes
    1. First Place: Full Body Illust of your UTAU/OC + 3 Covers if UTAU / 4 colored sketches if OC
    2. Second place: 2 Cover Art of your UTAU + 1 cover / 4 Colored sketches if OC
    3. Third place: Small illust (1500 * 1500) of your UTAU + 1 cover
  6. Every submitted design will be added as "Alternative design" to Shin'nosuke Hankyo -HORUS- CVVC illust folder so no one is left behind!
A Voice Example of the bank you are designing!

Good Luck to everyone!
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This looks very interesting and fun, I can’t wait to see what’s in store!
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ah. >_< I forgot about this . Congrats to all those participating in it .