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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Miloids, Apr 8, 2012.

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    Haha Hello~ :3 I used to be a member, but apparently I forgot my username, couldn't find any trace of what it could be in any of my emails, nor could I find any of my old posts, so I guess I dont *exist* anymore as that username. Instead, I am now a new "entity"? XD
    More like, I was bad at staying active on the forums, so I probably was deleted XD~

    Okay, I'll quit being weird.

    Hello everybody, I am Miloids, aka SingleFeathers on youtube, and many other different names all over the place xD Stick with Milo/Miloid I guess =)

    I guess a little about myself and utau?

    I am an overseas user (whoo~) and I've been using utau for... almost 2-3 years now ^^;;; I'm just not popular at all hahah XD! TIPS TIPS! ;D -shot-
    I have 2 UTAU voiced, and I wouldn't mind having more to finish my "series" xD Their names are Makoto, Beniko and KOKORO, Mariko~
    Beniko is the oldest (by that, I mean first voiced), and is due for a re-voice/make over :P
    Mariko is the newest out of the series. =)

    All the other MILOids in the series have designs but no voices xD

    I've made.. 1 complete ust, and have a few in the making/remaking =)

    Uhm.. I think that's really it if I want to prevent writing an autobiography xD Hello everybody and I hope I'll be more active this time around! (^ ^)/
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    Welcome back, and nice to meet you! <3 Wow, that's a long time... I only started about six months ago.

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