So... Uh...


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...Probably a really stupid question, but I can't seem to find the button that I press to start a review on items. I'm trying to review a voicebank and... I see no button...


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Aha, the UTAU Showcase Review system is going to be revamped so most of the reviews will be wiped soon anyways, but to answer your question we had some issues with the Review system being abused and the ability to review items was removed from everyone below the promoted "Defender of Defoko" rank.

That being said the upcoming version of Showcase includes many features I asked for including custom review criteria and minimum review lengths so with those in place, I may revert the above changes and let regular members review again, I am making no promises but I will revisit the policy down the road. If the system is abused again however don't expect rules to loosen up again afterwards.


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Ah! I see. I was not aware of the situation; I understand now. Thank you.