Sora Denatsu


Momo's Minion
I never got the chance to make one for her, so yeah xD

• Name & Name Meaning: Sora Denatsu (Raging sky/Moody sound)
• Gender: Female
• Age: 18
• Appearance:
• Height: 5'8" (162 cm)
• Weight: 108 lbs (49 kg)
• Species: 'Werewolf'
• Personality: Sora is laid-back, and is rather lazy. She tends to be sleepy all the time, too. Although, she has an odd sense of humor and can be seen laughing and smiling along with her friends, whom she deeply cares about. She can be very moody too, from where she can be bright and happy to being bothered and stressed. She has full control on her wolf counterpart and can be very high-tempered at times.
• Likes: Eating, Baking, Running, Singing, Drawing, warmth, and ramen.
• Dislikes: Drama, Annoying people, stress, work.
• Country of Origin: Philippines
• UTAU Series: none
• Voice Type: Strong and Mature
• Optimum Range: G3~D#5
• Encoding: Romaji
• Aliases? Yes
• Voicebank Type: CV and VCV
• Has a configured OTO? Yes
• Appends/Multiple Banks? Seraph(soft/whisper)Append, ESTELLE(vivid) Append, RAGE(multi-pitch Kire)
• Multiple Languages? Japanese
• Voicebank download links:
Normal VCV:
• Voice examples:
Normal VCV:
ACT 3:

• Upcoming banks(to be released):
- Seraph append
- RAGE(Kire)
- English