Critique Requested The Disappearance of ZaneChihuahua UTAU CV Voicebank Release + UST「ゼインチワワの消失」


Momo's Minion
IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! I put way too much time into this but I think this is all worth it. I now know what it feels like to wait for a baby to be born because I quite literally spent about 9 months of work trying to develop this thing and make everything sound the way I want it to sound for my picky brain. And, yes. I know that's WAY less time than it should have been but I have a life outside of this, you know?
If you decide to use ZaneChihuahua for your own projects, then please let me know! I want to hear what you made. I'll add your YouTube and NicoNico videos to the "Official ZaneChihuahua Voicebank Playlist"
Also, I'll be looking for some artists to make some official art for ZaneChihuahua as more voicebanks are released. It doesn't need to be a Chihuahua, it can be a furry or a human for all I care, but a Chihuahua will be the canon design. If you're interested in offering me offering you a commission, or if you want to recommend someone, then shoot me an email from my website. Just make sure to show me some of your/their work somehow.