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Discussion in 'UTAU Discussion' started by faerimagic, Feb 16, 2012.

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    Discuss it and apply it to UTAUloids.

    What makes an UTAUloid seem to follow the Miku formula?
    The tie? The wide sleeves? The triangle chain?
    Are you guilty of referencing any of the details? (Like me with the chain. =v=)

    Do you think that there is a limit to which such details can be referenced?

    Also, Miku does not own the concept of ties/pigtails/etc. If an UTAUloid sports these, does that remind you of Miku, or not.

    Add your own discussion points if you'd like. :smile:
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    Well, Aiko's changed since I first designed her, but she used to be Miku formula incarnate:


    That was when she was known as "Hazuru Sora"

    Belt: check
    Tie: check
    Gray top: check
    Arm writing: check
    Bichrome color scheme: check
    Synthesizer-like lighting patterns: check

    And the wrist cuffs were adapted from the sleeves of course.

    Since then I've dropped the tie (that was actually never in her released UTAUxyz UTAU design, the video screenshot was from my old YT account and was an "ah" scale), moved the ID to her sleeve rather than a tattoo, dropped the belt, though she still only uses 2 colors and all.

    While there's certain things about UTAU designs concerning the Miku formula that bother me, I think some are a bit silly to be considered taboo. Bichrome color schemes are easy to work with and effective, and so long as the twintails aren't in the exact same style (body-length and super thick at the bottom) I don't see the problem with those either.

    As Zeny has said before, a big thing that makes a good design is a unique silhouette. If your UTAU's silhouette looks like Miku from the neck down, i.e. shows a collar/tie, flared sleeves, pleated skirt and thigh-highs, there's a problem. Same with the hair of course. Accessories and colors are secondary to the overall shape.

    (And I am biased as crap when it comes to synthesizer/electronic/tech stuff. I looooove tech-y designs so I'll never be able to properly judge that as good or bad xD)
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    ':D Sugi's got the detached sleeves/thigh high boots thing going... Other than that, though, I didn't put in that many other similarities.
    And, really, I was under the impression that the detached sleeves were kind of a trademark Vocaloid/UTAUloid thing, since there are lots of Vocaloids and UTAUloids that have them. Miku, Rin, Len, Teto, Neru, Haku... So I really don't think it's such a bad thing to include those. Of course, if you made an UTAUloid with the sleeves, boots, tie, arm number, and twin tails, that would be a different story. XD
    I wonder why people don't copy the other Vocaloids as much as Miku? I mean, how often do you see people complaining about a Len look-alike? Or a Luka one? Miku may be insanely popular, but it's not like the other Vocaloids are completely unheard of...
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    Hmm...Iris. Iris has long sleeves that are wide and loose once they pass her shoulders. No tie. Instead of a belt I gave her a sash. Platform-esque boots that go up to her knees. Simple skirt...

    Really I think the only things that someone could maybe make Miku-y out of Iris are her sleeves because they're wide? Other than that I don't think Iris can be attached to the Miku formula very well. Don't get me wrong I had Miku in mind when designing Iris but still...

    As for the long hair..I love anime girls with really long hair ok XD It's just my thing. I love drawing long hair too sooo yeah.

    As for UTAU who sport the formula...I do think this fandom can be a bit harsh when it comes to UTAU following the Miku formula. I mean if an UTAU follows Miku's design to the letter than yeah of course it's going to be kind of obnoxious but referencing one or two things isn't as bad as some people make it seem. Like...hmm...thigh highs. Miku is not the god-mother of thigh highs for crying out loud. And there are many ways to style thigh highs so they look nothing like Miku's. I do admit I'm kind of tired of seeing cone shaped detached sleeves though. That is one thing that bothers me.

    I guess it's annoying to follow the formula cause it looks like you lack any creativity to come up with your own design. I feel like when I see Miku look alikes these days the person thought that their UTAU had to look like an UTAU in order for them to be considered an UTAU and who is the most famous UTAU? Teto~ And whose formula does Teto follow? Right~ Also how many times can I say UTAU in one sentence? XD
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    Uhm... Amai has only sleevers... but not so long, she hasn't any tie and the textures aren't so similar a synthesizer.

    BTW, I agree... to me Miku isn't god and the other vocaloids too can be copied.
    Teto is popular too, so there should be a "Teto formula" no?

    Also is stupid how SeeU and Yayin should "follow" the Miku formula if are totally different (as vocaloid wiki says).
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    I was originally going to give Sabi a plain grey shirt and tie to make him dress a little bit more like Stephan Groth.

    Glad I changed my mind... I completely forgot Miku has a tie.
    He still has the collar, though but Miku doesn't have a monopoly on dress shirts.

    He has an ID number (0.9) on his right arm just below his elbow. I guess that's the closest he gets to being like Miku next to being a synthesised singing voice with green hair.
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    ...Teto is a blantant example of the Miku formula (and they did that on purpose). So Teto Formula = Miku Formula.

    Looking at Mayo, at first glance she looks different, but the more I look at her...

    Pigtails: check
    Detached sleeves: Nope, but she has gloves
    ID Number(?) on arm: check
    Tie/Bow: check
    Electronic devices: check
    Skirt: check
    Long Boots: knee-length
    Bichrome color scheme: Actually trichrome, but close enough

    ...Uggggh it makes her sound so cliche. Maybe I need a design critique.

    It's worth noting that Miku isn't the only Vocaloid with a design people other designs get influenced by, though. Meiko, Kaito, Rin, Len, and Luka also seem to have influence over UTAU designs.
  9. Cdra

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    Haku and Neru (well... kinda) are Miku derivatives, so OF COURSE they follow the formula.  They're not real vocaloids, either. owo;;; Rin, Len, and Luka all have the sleeves, but they're ALSO the CV series of Crypton Vocaloids!  It's really not the same to say that.  And as people keep saying, Teto INTENTIONALLY followed the formula because she was an April Fool's joke meant to pass as a new CV series (CV04) Vocaloid. 8D;;

    It's still bad to include them, is what I'm trying to say.  It DEFINITELY isn't a "trademark".  Also your utau also has the short skirt and bichromatic colors.  She's following pretty closely ;w;''''

    And there are TONS of Len and Rin look alikes >w<; No designs need to be copied, honestly.

    Err, on the actual topic.  I definitely don't get the Miku formula from some of the examples given (SeeU and Yukari, etc).  However, if I see two of those elements and ESPECIALLY that signature shade of gray, I get the Miku formula vibe and get a bad taste in my mouth.  The pigtails don't even bother me unless they're the exact same length and style, and same color HEAVEN FORBID.  Thigh-highs with skirts are great, but again, it's about the -style- of them, not the fact that they are.  If you use elements from the formula... as long as it doesn't look like you actually raided Miku's wardrobe, but you instead have your own style of arm warmers/thigh-highs/skirts/ties/pigtails/belts/bichromatics/WHATEVER, I'm not gonna mind. :3 a side note, none of my utsus even come close to following the formula. owo;;
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    I guess I hadn't taken into account that they were all from Crypton. ._. They are the most well-known of the Vocaloids, after all, and people who aren't ardent Vocaloid fans might not even know that any others exist. (Ehehe... That was me, before I really got into Vocaloid and UTAU '8D) So, you can kind of see where the "trademark" idea came from.
    I really don't think it's such a terrible thing to include a couple of "Miku Formula" traits, as long as your UTAUloid isn't just a palette-swapped Miku.
    ... Maybe I should revise Sugi's design a little bit anyway...? If she's "following pretty closely..." owo'
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    Ciel has long hair, and wears (white) gloves and a sorta bowtie around hir neck.
    Otherwise, beside his/her family name Sekaine, I don't see much Miku Formula in him/her. XD

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