Tiny smelly transparency draw order tutorial mmd


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Might be included in LearnMMD if Reggie lets me in as well as everything else I got from this project but

Haven't experimented with DOF effects or the program itself that much, but I have encountered this smelly before:
Do you see how this transparent helmet around Teto's face makes the background stage invisible, revealing the background I used as a sky? (Yes, that is an image of Gekido Gai v2 I am using as a background)
It's very smelly that this happens.
This is caused by the drawing order (rendering order, render priority, etc.) putting Teto, and the transparent dome, over the background stage. Why draw order on 3d objects matter I will never know, but might as well fix it.
Trust me, I got very frustrated. And if this makes you want to say slurs and/or otherwise swear like a sailor, you're welcome to do so wherever I hold my private communities, if you can find them.
So here is how
The smelly is in the background thing
When it comes to stages and accessories, it's the top one (Accessories edit), upon clicking that one...
This smelly appears. bulding2fix.x is the stage we use.
Just move it to the top there, or if this messes up the scene further, move everything around accordingly, then click the smelly OK button
If it's not an accessory model but a PMX (begone PMD) model, like here
1637076875849.png you can smell those
You click on Model draw order instead
1637076571666.pngThe one in the middle here ye
same concept
Protip: If you have MME installed, you can see the complete draw order of everything in here.

Just gonna straight up copypaste the credits I sent to the guy in charge of the reason I did this project
[Hyper necessary credits section]
Kasane Teto, Yowaneko and Baguettes
: Masisi (マシシ), edits by NordGeit
Shiteyanyo: IkatakoP (いかタコP)
Goat and Sir Potato: NordGeit
Surrounding enviroments: NordGeit, with spheremaps taken from Animasa (Creator of the models coming with MMD) and the baguettes from Masisi mentioned earlier

SeriousShader and BrushedOnSeriousShader
: Elle/Data-P (Elle/データP) with code borrowed from Mai Riki Intervention-P (舞力介入P), Soboro (そぼろ), and Furia
ObjectLuminous: Yuika (ゆいか) with code from Soboro (そぼろ) once again (Soboro was a major player in the early MME scene it seems.)
Cook Torrance effect: Natto Curry-P (も納豆カレーさ), edited by a stranger that has no credit to theirselves... dunno why but ok
NLMeans by Soboro based on nodchip

ok yeah that's the smelly over bye


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