UtaForum Updated to XenForo 1.5.6

Our first major software update in a year since our licence has just been renewed. This is the first step to re-enabling the UTAU Showcase which has been disabled for the last 3 months.

Beyond allowing me to fix Showcase XenForo brings us a host of improvements:
  • Improved Notification System
    Currently only used for the Introduction Thread Nag & 100+ Years Old Notice
  • Responsive Admin/Mod Control Panel
    So we can do admin & mod things from our cell phones!
  • Two-Step Verification
    For those of you worried about your UF account getting hacked.
  • Official Thread Tagging
    Thread tagging has been moved into the core, replacing XenTag.
  • Profile Comment Improvements
    General usability and moderation improvements to profile comments.
With this we are one more step closer to removing that BETA tag from UtaForum 4.0. Keep track on the rest of of our progress on the Updates, Renewals, Funds Raised, and Clarifications thread. The poll there is still active and will decide our next course of action once Showcase is re-enabled.

For now it is the last week of normal classes for me with Finals next week. I expect to have a full week off before starting my Spring Quarter with another over-loaded schedule so I will want to finish as much of these updates and clear out as many bugs as possible while I have a brief respite.

Out 1.5.6 update represents more than a dozen smaller updates being applied beyond the major version number. Please poke around, look for bugs, and report them so I can tackle them in this brief period where I have the time. I can't guarantee the same once my new quarter starts and I go back to 14 hour school+work days.

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Oh wow. I didn't realize Utaforum was on this early a version of Xenforo.
In fact, I didn't even think anyone would be using 1.5.x anymore at all.