Utaism - the True UTAU Church


Jellie Bellie Pete Rat Gummie Candie
Defender of Defoko
Church of UTAism PSA: If you're having troubles with Windows!UTAU on a Mac, use PlayOnMac.


The Voice Within Us
Defender of Defoko
From the source code of Utane Uta 4:291: "May your songs be faultless of segmentation, your envelopes smooth, and your pitchbends straight. Amen"

In the name of Ameya, Cdra, and the Holy OTO, may Defoko continue to guide us for eternity.!
In the name of Ayame, Moresampler, and the Holy Reclist, may we never stray from the path of the one True Church!

(inhales) AAIAUEA
(makes the sign of the reclist)
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