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    Cleaning pass on all "Open" UtaSwap threads. Over 100 unmaintained threads prefixed as "inactive". This is the one section of the forum where bumping is not only encouraged, but it is part of the rules. Please bump your threads at least once every 90 days to keep them (and you) flagged as active.

    If one of your threads was one of the many I have flagged as inactive feel free to use "Thread Tools > Edit Thread > Title > Prefixes" to re-open your thread and remove the "inactive" prefix. If you have any issues with this process please contact me.

    Based on the threads I saw while flagging inactive posts I decided to add 4 new prefixes to the UtaSwap section:
    • Lyrics
    • MMD
    • Translation
    • Video
    If you have another tag you would like added as a prefix please reply below.

    Further, the UtaSwap Guidelines Sticky has been updated. The main change is revisions to the inactivity and bump guidelines. Recommending bumps are now every 14 days with a maximum of 90 days before a thread may possibly be flagged "inactive". Please reference the sticky if you haven't read it already.

    I am in the process of releasing an UTAU + Vocaloid album and was looking to commission art, PV, and promo material for said release. I tried using the filters and saw many were inactive and decided to clean it up a bit. If you are still active and are still taking commissions go update your threads! I and other like me want to collab with you~

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