UTAU Panel in Toronto Cons


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Hi Everyone! My name is Ni-Kun, but you can call me Ni or Joe. You guys might see this posted a lot if you're on the FaceBook groups and other social media pertaining to UTAU, because I have a really big question. I know that there's a panel for UTAU in the United States run by MystSaphyr, however I wanted to see if there was any panel for UTAU in any Canadian cons (Anime North, FanExpo, Atomic Lollipop, ConBravo!, etc. - mostly in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area). I tried looking it up online and I couldn't find anything, unofrtunately. If there isn't one, I was wondering if any Canadian UTAU users would want to attend a panel in any of the cons I mentioned! It would be about what is UTAU, how UTAU is different to things like Vocaloid and CeVIO, and just kind of informing some people about UTAU if they already didn't know, and giving some tips and tricks amongst the Canadian community, and just a brief meet and greet for anybody else in the UTAU community! Because, honestly, I haven't met too many people in Canada that use UTAU, and I wanted to be able to bring the community together so that we wouldn't have to always go to the States to meet up with other UTAU users. And this isn't restricted to just Canadians, too, if anyone from the US (or frankly anywhere if you have the means to get to Canada) would like to attend, I would really appreciate if you let me know because then I would start one up. So far, it's just me running the panel, but if you would like to be apart of the panel, too, I am extremely open to that idea, and you can either message me on here, contact me on FaceBook, or you could e-mail me and talk with me about it! Here's my e-mail: joseph.balsdon@live.ca (And just put something in the title so I know you're asking about UTAU and not just some random spam e-mail lol)
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