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    If your UTAU had a superpower, what would it be? Why would it be that superpower? What would be the weakness? What would be their cliché superhero backstoy? (Make them as ridiculous as possible) And most importantly, what would be their Superhero name?! And obviously...IF YOU HAVE ART; SHARE YOUR COSTUUUUUMES

    As for Sora, imma go with Fire and Ice based powers, due to his hair reminding me of flames and ice, and because his Voicebanks are now named after Fire and Ice, such as his powerscale being named Inferno. As for his name, he'd be named Blazicle because...well obvious. As for his costume...I can't draw, buut it would probably something be with a light blue flame motive, and probably be kind of assymetrical because I love asymmetrical motives. Now the weakness would be that he can never follow up an attack with the same element, except if he discards one element for a specific time, whiiich can lead to him being quite unbalanced, and make him feel either freezing or as if he's being boiled. As for his cliché backstory, Sora was born with his power, and had fun with em, until he was thirteen. However on one day, he promised to never forget - even tho he can't even remember what he wore -, he quickly saw that his powers could also be destrucitive, as he burnt his mother...'s pinky toe...which she didn't feel...because she was paralyzed when a failed experiment ended with his young brother impaled with hot icicles, rendering his legs paralyzed. From that day forth, he swore to use his powers for good.

    Now, share your superhero utau story!
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    TYPE A is already a dragon boy, but he's fairly lazy and pessimistic.

    I'd like to think if he were a superhero, it would be because he was being blackmailed, therefore his time as a superhero would be done very begrudgingly. And what is he being blackmailed over that would motivate him to try to do good? His secret My Little Dragon (Pony) collection, by Harsbro. He adores them and plays with them often when he's alone, but the world isn't supposed to see him as a guy who ever enjoys much of anything.

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    Don't have one as of now but if I did:

    Power: Can become a superconductor on demand. He can also can function as a thermal transfer device, piping large amounts of heat away from one object to another.

    Weakness: For every calendar day whose square root is a whole number, he becomes a 480v AC power supply with no option to stop it. Right arm is live, left arm is neutral, legs are ground.
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    Tarou likes to make really stupid, terrible jokes

    So I give him the power of: Perpetual Tickling. Can make people feel the spasmic pain of being tickled for infinite periods of time >B^)

    And of course being Tarou and a superhero on top of that, he'd have to be making terrible jokes the whole time so I'm gonna name him.... The PUNdertaker.

    Really packs a punch

    As for a weakness- It's already not that useful of a power, but I guess also if you're just not ticklish then he's out of luck

    And uhh, his backstory- Maybe he always wanted to be a stand up comedian but no one thought he was funny. Then he uhhh, met satan in the checkout line at menards and sold his soul for the ability to make people laugh. But since he's satan he's gotta do his satan thing and twist his words around, so instead of becoming funny he just has this terrible superpower, LEL.

    This power actually seems more like a maniacal villains power now that I think about it

    Maybe for his costume he's dressed like an old timey comedian. Like Charlie Chaplin or something lel. And when he makes terrible jokes there's an ethereal laugh track sound playing out of nowhere.

    That really does seem more like a villain, RIP
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    O, I happen to like superheroes very much : ' D This similar question came up when I was watching BNHA :'DDDD

    For AL!CE.16/AL!CE I feel like it would be Cosmic Energy Manipulation.
    Description: Manipulating the energy/power from galaxies and stars by becoming a conduit.
    Advantages: +Can take the shape of various items +Energy can take attacking forms such as projections, blasts etc. +Can boost mobility +Adaptive +Various ranges
    Disadvantages: -Can severly harm conduit -Unpredictable at times -Conduit is not immune to power -Cannot create energy but instead draws from other sources -Cannot create living materials -Involves concentration and control -Limited to knowledge of creations in order to create -If too much energy is absorbed, conduit will cease to live -Conduit with have many health problems with longer use of power
    I suppose her "hero" name would be Navita. It's a play on words in the sense if you add an "s" to the end, in latin it means Energy, and by itself it means "sailor" which is a tribute to Sailor Moon.
    It's a bit weird for me to give her a backstory, but I can imagine a morbid one in a way : 'D So I'm not sure if that's allowed on here~

    For Tsuta I can just picture Will Manipulation
    Description: User is able to manipulate the will of another to do whatever they wish
    Advantages: +Controlling +Non envasive +Can change thought process +Can regulate whether or not victim recalls events +Can persuade numerous targets at the same time
    Disadvantages: -Cannot will someone/something to do a task they cannot complete -Has limited range -Limited effictiveness once used over again on same target -Requires complete focus -Must have seen target in order to manipulate -Does not work on the strongest wills
    I don't think Tsuta would be either super hero or villain, she just wants to do what she wants. Her code name would be Virus since she invades the mind and her original UTAU concept was that she was a corrupted Macloid from the ivy virus
    Again, a bit weird to give her a backstory. But I could picture her mainly using her power for her high libido, but not fully controlling her partner. But rather open up the posibility of being with her because she still enjoys the chase. That and getting away with many things : ' D

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