Open PayPal VCV oto clean up wanted!


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So finally after 3 years of not making a vcv, I have finally recorded a new one. I put them through Moresampler, but I want to commission someone to just do clean up of their oto ;w;
Paypal is what I would prefer to pay with ;w; please make sure to comment examples of prior work!
Thank you!
EDIT: They are a monopitched VB just to let yall know!
I don't tend to OTO VCV often (since I mostly record CV-V and CVVC and only have my own banks to work with usually) but I did foray into it once more recently from scratch with this bank.

Otherwise for reference's sake of released voicebanks, Mato's original CV-V has vowels recorded as you would for VCV. There's also my old but very unfinished CVVC bank MOKUMOKU REN that was also OTO'd from scratch. I'm sure if I were just cleaning up what Moresampler laid out, it wouldn't take too entirely long.