"VocalSynthDOT" : A New Series of Sites for the Community!

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    Greetings everyone!
    I am Caustic and I'm creating this post to tell you all about the new series of sites/services I am creating for the community! "VocalSynthDOT" is a series of websites made with the intent of providing services catered specifically to this community.
    VocalSynthDOT is created by me and in partial collaboration of the DynamiVox™ team.

    The first site is one that has actually existed for quite a while, and that is VocalSynth.Space! VSS is a social network type site intended to bring the community as a whole together, over on VSS we don't focus on one piece of software or even the software at all! You are free to talk about whatever you want even if it does not pertain to singing robots! All talk is unbiased and made to be as fun or serious as you make it!
    We even have a producer space for budding (and well known) producers/composers to show off their work and discuss with the other members!
    Think of this as the community's very own Facebook/Twitter.

    VocalSynth.chat (coming soon)
    This is a site somewhat closely related to .Space. VS.C is a live chatroom like environment that does not rely on services like Skype or Discord and is instead is hosted on it's own server.

    VocalSynth.audio (coming soon)
    VS.A is an online radio stream meant to introduce users to music made by western vocalsynth producers! And not just the popular ones either! Producers from all over will be asked for permission to have their work in the stream. All music is tagged appropriately so that listeners can easily find out how to find the producer and purchase their song! Music will either be purchased by myself or provided by the producer as a way to get out there.

    VocalSynth.download (coming soon)
    VS.D is a drive-style service that gives Utau users a place to upload their voicebanks. Downloads are aimed to be faster than what you'll often achieve on other services like good drive and mediafire. Also without the captchas, intrusive advertisements, and so forth!
    While this service is currently unavailable I can still provide you with storage and upload your voicebank to the server if you message me!

    I hope to bring more to the community in the future, if you have any ideas then feel free to drop them here!

    Q: Wouldn't all of these sites spread the community thin rather than bringing it together?
    A: All of the sites for VocalSynthDOT/VS.DOT are specific and are made to overlap is little as possible to avoid this.

    Q: Are these made to complete with anything else out there?
    A: Certainly not! These services are made for the well being of the community and nothing more.

    Q: How are these run? How are these paid for?
    A: I pay for all of this out of pocket.

    Q: I have an idea, want to hear it?
    A: Of course! If it has potential then it shall be considered for the future! If it's for another service them simply give us the idea, we'll think of branding ourselves.

    Q: What kind of content can I upload to VS.D?
    A: At the moment the goal is primarily voicebanks but we may expand that to things like project files as well!
    Instrumentals/songs are not allowed without permission of the original producer.

    Q: Die.
    A: Thank you for your interest!
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    I am planning to bring up VocalSynth.Chat next, but am currently deciding a few minor details.
    Should chatting be anonymous? Where you chat without anyone knowing who you are and after a period of time chat messages are cleared. Or perhaps just standard chat? I will discuss this further with the team but feel free to chime in.
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