Warning: Newbie incoming.


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    My name's Kei, Keiara, or whatever else people wanna call me I suppose. I'm relatively new to UTAU and barely know my way around. (I tried to do UTAU a couple years ago when I was a huge weaboo, but I never managed to make anything sound good. So I'm hoping for a better start this time.;; ) I hope you guys can excuse whatever stupid questions I will come up with in the future... OTL
    I'm currently in the process of recording and designing an UTAU of my own, and I thought it would be best to join a community before I get too into it so that I don't screw things up I guess? So, yeah.

    Also, I'm really awkward with introductions. ;;


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Hellooo. And welcome! Good luck with your upcoming UTAU, can't wait to hear it. > w o