What have you been playing lately?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Cupcake, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. Haichou

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    Ace Attorney, though I'm trying as hard as I can to stop. It's not working ;v;
    I also play Animal Crossing: New Leaf a lot, and I got into Pokémon Mystery Dungeon... At least, until I knocked out my entire party. Currently waiting for those Reviver Seeds!
  2. zahra1234

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  3. kimchi-tan

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    Mandrake Boys because the guy at the game's icon looks like an unrevealed utau of mine :'D and the CG/artwork of the game is so attractive :love: also, if you want to try it out, enter the nickname "kimchi-tan" when they ask you if there was someone who referred the game to you so we can both get 100 stars //shot

    Lords Mobile. It was actually one of the offers in Mandrake Boys where you have to download a game and complete a certain action to earn premium currency I need my bishies ok but even if I haven't completed the needed action yet, I got really addicted to the gameplay more than I expected
  4. Orbittals

    Orbittals Ruko's Ruffians Defender of Defoko

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    On the computer I've been playing (not that recently but still) Ib, Melon Journey, osu! (actually uninstalled now) and Touhou Project 1-6. As for mobile, mostly Cytus and I love hue.
  5. partial

    partial UTAU English advocate Global Mod Supporter Defender of Defoko

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    I recently got my hands on Kirby Star Allies so I've been playing a lot of that. It's pretty fun, imo.

    I also started Master Mode on BOTW, and, man, I wasn't prepared for it. I've purposefully kept myself in the dark about the changes it has compared to normal mode and it's been a huge struggle to do anything thus far, but it's fine. I like a challenge. Bless the Switch, honestly.

    I've been in a huge Umineko mood (well, more than I usually am - it's always a mood) but I haven't gotten around to actually reading any lately. It's on my to do list! My heart feels so different when I think of Umineko. It's not an experience I can compare to any previous ones I've had in my life.
  6. OnegaiKudasai

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    Wall of text incoming!!!

    I've never had a gaming console, so I only mainly play mobile games, and I'm pretty bad at gaming in general so I just stick to rhythm games :smile:
    The ones I'm currently playing are:
    • Love Live! School idol Festival- Been playing in the WW server for about 2 years, though recently I haven't been playing as much as I have a year ago... I also did play in the JP side for a while! I'm kinda waiting for All Stars to be released before I decide to let it go :'D I still haven't gotten a UR for each of my best girls Hanayo and Hanamaru though (please come home soon) ;u;
    • Superstar BTS- I was planning to uninstall it because I had a hard time at first (I wasn't used to the controls), but I got an R card of Jin from a free premium pack and Jin is my bias so yeah XD So far the game is fun though it's super competitive with the weekly scoreboards and all ;;;
    • BanG Dream! Girls Band Party- OMG lemme tell you how fast I went to Google Playstore as soon as I heard that the WW version was released because I REALLY liked the game when I tried it out last year!! (but had to uninstall because of storage space) So far everything is good and I love the Live2D integration for the character sprites in it! I think Rinko's my best girl for this game and Roselia's my fave band :D
    So yeah, those are the games I'm currently playing!
  7. WyndReed

    WyndReed Dareka tasukete! Global Mod Defender of Defoko

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    Yo Live Live peep! Air five!

    I've been really slowly trying to get through Atelier Sophie and Firis on the vita. I think I've gotten to some really grindy alchemy parts and have been put off by it.

    I also recently got back into Love Live School Idol Festival on the Japanese server. I forgot how simple the gameplay is and how welcoming most of the songs are. (Now I have four different rhythm games to switch between. Starlight Stage, Tokyo 7th Sisters, and Bang Dream are the other ones)
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  8. ReticentResolve

    ReticentResolve Ancient Master of Filibustering Defender of Defoko

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    Attack on Titan 2. I don't even really like the anime, but my friend wanted to play together and got me really into the game.

    Also playing Fire Emblem Fates on Lunatic. Because I don't have a life.

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