What voicebanks are you planning on recording for your utau? 'v'

Discussion in 'UTAU Discussion' started by FiftiesYoungin, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. Cocoa

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    For my main UTAU who has yet to be named, I plan to have 5 pitch regular, strong, and soft VCV banks for Japanese and a 5 pitch English bank of undetermined type (that’s going to be a lot but I’m up to the challenge). Plus many test CV banks as well as randomly assorted VCV appends that are chosen through polls, most likely 1-3 pitches each. I also plan to have a single-pitch voicebank for Korean, Chinese, Spanish, French, and other languages. I’ll also include an omake bank with breaths, vocal fry, glottal stops, and et cetera.

    I haven’t released any banks, but I have four years of UTAU experience under my belt, so I believe I’m up to my somewhat ambitious goals.
  2. Haleigh

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    One that isn't broken hahahahhahahh.
    Seriously though:
    -finish my Japanese CV
    -Japanese VCV
    -Japanese Power
    -maaaybe Japanese Kire if I hate myself
    -English CVVC
    -Mandarin Chinese
  3. NIKA

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    I'm planning a vivid-type and soft-type appends for Deo, as well maybe an English bank for him! Although I have no idea whether to record it as VCCV or Arpasing

    For my other UTAU, I'm not sure if I can record an append for Augustus orz,, its hard to voice act him ! As for DSUE, possibly a VCV upgrade or append since my voice has changed since the last time I recorded them which was five years ago.
  4. mahalisyarifuddin

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    I already made a test voicebank and it turns out beyond my expectation, so I'm planning to record proper voicebanks for him: Japanese VCV, English VCCV, and Indonesian VCCV (but I'm gonna customize the reclist first, I don't feel satisfied with the available reclists), and release them someday in the future, though he don't have name and design yet atm www

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