What's your favourite MMO?


Defender of Defoko
I'm really looking forward to Blade & Soul at the moment! I love the graphics and outfits in the trailers and demos~ I wanna try it out when it's available because I've heard good things about it~

At the moment, I'm playing TERA which I'm really enjoying (the combat system in TERA is pretty cool!) I'm all into games that have fancy outfits and cool customizations. The graphics are really amazing too~ <3 (If you play TERA too, we should play together! :D)

What MMOs/MMORPGs do you play/enjoy?


Ruko's Ruffians
Defender of Defoko
Well, I do like them too but right now, I am more into Aion, FF13: A Realm Reborn and Aura Kingdom~


Ruko's Ruffians
Defender of Defoko
In the past I played Archlord, and lately I got to play a bit of Archlord II. However, my current favourite MMO is definitely Elsword, where I play as Elesis.


i like bad things
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I still play rift (even though there's never more than 15 people online at a time lmao)


Ritsu's Renegades
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I'm quite a fan of elsword, but lately im somewhat bored since I've reached the end game with my iron paladin and there are no events currently happening that interest me. But I am considering on playing something a friend of mine recomended that I have played before.
I've also played a bit of SMITE on steam and I'm taking a liking to Neith playstyle.


I've been playing WOW since 2004 (I has the statue to prove it XD) but currently my favourite is WARFARE XD