Open Art Lyrics Mixing Will design your UTAU, mix a cover, or do fanart of any utau in exchange for Tagalog lyrics


Momo's Minion
So I'm in a grand mess right now. I wanted to make a song in tagalog, but there's one big problem. I can't come up with anything that is right! The syllables are off, the words don't flow right, and other problems occur. This is the ONLY place I can come for help, as I don't know anywhere else i could do it at. I will do anything UTAU related in exchange for help with these lyrics! I'll design your utau, mix a cover, make fanart of any utau, even make an entire UST! (The only thing I won't do is an OTO because I don't know how)

This may be a very weird exchange and I highly doubt there are many people out there who would do it, but I'm desperate!


Ruko's Ruffians
Defender of Defoko
I mean you get the lyrics done correctly by natives, then you can fit them to your melody. I didn't mean to make the natives do all the work.