Closed Art Mixing OTO Video Other Will trade for CVVC Japanese oto!


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Hi! I'm actually making this post for a friend, as he doesn't have UtaForum. He has given me permission to ask here.

I'm looking for someone able to oto a CVVC Japanese voicebank!

I am able to trade:
- Mixing of an cover (Example)
- UST, tuned or untuned (
- A cover using a voicebank of your choice (
- Art (of a voicebank, character, thumbnail, etc.) (
- Something else! We can negotiate!

I am unable to trade:
- An oto of any reclist
- My voice for a voicebank
- Video editing
- Money

You can contact me here on UtaForum, or DM me on Twitter (@Kuriosity21) or on Discord (kyle_#1364) if you have any questions and/or are willing to oto the bank! Thank you!


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Bump- we both are still looking for someone to oto his bank! If anyone could possibly do it, we'd both really appreciate it~ :love: