WIP Yinitara MMD Models


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yo yo yo i make models too (do i ever finish them tho? depends on my mood)

so right now i'm working on some UTAU models for Irene (GothAmaterasu's UTAU) and my nerd Yin. The goal was to create something a little more unique than the current popular TDA stuff. I like TDA but I wanted to make my own style of model.


Physics are on in the picture, and I need a lot of work on texturing everything properly. I really like how they're turning out though! I'm having issues rigging the areas around the shoulder tho, so if anyone can help that would b blessed.

I need to make her face textures better, I'm not a fan of how I coloured it. At least I have landmarks now so I can go back and finish. Just need to finish adding her accessories, and then I will probably adjust the colours to look a bit more like the YYB IA edit I made (see below). I want to change her hair, as it is TDA on a non-TDA styled model ;; (whoops)

i freaking hated this model because her face was so small and weird. i think it was a YYB edit.
WAS NOT A FAN OF THIS MODEL, I still really haven't learned much about texturing in PMX. I almost immediately started making a new one:

better gumi ft yins old face


I made the hair with jjinomu's method of making hair and tbh i hate how it came out but overall its ok. i had to add boobs to the yyb base

YYB IA, AKA THE LOVE OF MY LIFE. I love this model so much, it was a lot of fun to make. The whole purpose of this one was to mess around with the textures, because I was hella bored. her skirt physics are not the best though