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Hello & Thank you for taking your time in viewing this thread 8D
I will write down on about them,so you could take your time searching for a base and clothes,i also have reference picture.

Hoshi twins :
About Them :
Akashi has red hair,light red eyes,he wears any kind of clothes like school uniform,Long coats with Boots,he has a katana on his right hip for display and he wears a scarf on his neck with headphone on the left side of his ear,he's serious,tough,bittersweet to his sister.but he has a soft side when it comes to serious matter like a love triangle >n<.
Akashi is born 1day older than Hana.
Hana has red hair,light red eyes,short haired,she always a jacket,she loves to wear any kind of boots especially when they went out to go look for clothing,she wears a skirt,a clip on her hair with a headset(i couldn't draw it)...she's kind,loving,sweet the contrast of her brother. but she's a bit grumpy and mean to him sometimes.
~ Tabeki Jinsei/Reika~
Takebi is Trap Male,which means she wears men clothing wear always she only wears female clothing if she wants too and it depends on her mood.her voice depends on the song if she will sing it male or female like Cendrillon,which was kaito version. she's stuborn,caring,and honest to any one she met.her real name is reika,Takebi is her male name mostly because she wears a men clothing wear like Valshe (Utaite)..she's a fan of her,that's where i get the trap male ^^,so imagine her wearing a male clothing like coat with neck tie, pants etc.
her appearance :