What are those title thingys?

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    what are those title thingy's under profiles etc.. i keep seeing Momo's minions, Defoko's something, teto's something etc.. what do they mean and why are they there?
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    They're based on your activity on the forum.

    Things like Momo's Minion, Ritsu's Renegade, etc, are based on post count. You can use Utabucks to purchase a temporary permission to change your usertitle into something custom.

    Defender of Defoko is just a symbol of you being an active member, and Supporter is a rank you pay real money for.

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    The user titles specify the user group that one is in based on their activity, posts, likes, and etc. Momo's Minion (Registered) is the first user group people are in when they register (and have verified their e-mail), the step up would be Teto's Territory (Registered+), and after that would be Ruko's Ruffians (Active) I believe.
    The final group members can achieve through just activity is the Defender of Defoko flag (Promoted) that opens up the ability to change your text colour in the chatbox and gain additional permissions. To change your user title to something unique you can buy the permission (the permission is temporary but your user title is permanent until you change it again) in the store. I was able to achieve getting this flag without posting on the forum at all and only sticking to profile comments, logging in, or being followed by others.
    You can get the Supporter flag by donating to show your support for UtaForum! It doesn't add much permissions, but it does give you the ability to edit your posts in the chatbox and gives you a glittery green username.

    You can read more about the user groups here: https://utaforum.net/help/permissions/

    Edit: To add on to my message, I think it's worthwhile to note that you can keep track of your UtaBucks earnings through this link: https://utaforum.net/credits/transactions
    Don't abuse certain ways to gain UtaBucks though! It's against the terms (Do not attempt to game or manipulate forum mechanics) you agree to when you register on the site.
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