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    Open Making: UST VSQ Midi Instrumental.. For free. Limited slots

    It's because of the style :P I'm new to making instrumentals and I'm afraid it'll be very difficult
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    Alrighty--- I'm working on some artwork featuring my UTAU BUTT I only have the lineart done. I've got ZERO Ideas for the coloring. ==*
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    Open Making: UST VSQ Midi Instrumental.. For free. Limited slots

    That's quite the opposite of what I CAN do. ;; Sorry.
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    Open Making: UST VSQ Midi Instrumental.. For free. Limited slots

    WELP, the title talks for itself. UST, VSQ, VSQX or MIDI ref Instrumental n midi ref
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    Open Translation Kumoito’s Translation Thread (JP/Kor)

    Are you willing to trancelate a russian song to japanese? It's short, just a few lines and I'll get a good english translation
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    How do you make Utau sound smoother besides relist, the red lines in utau

    The red exclamation marks appear above a note when the envelope's messed up. (The crossfade overlap between notes) There's a bunch of things you can do actually. 1) It can be an error in the OTO.ini of your utau. Editing the OTO a bit may make the marks (FOR THAT NOTE) go away permanently. 2)...
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    Open Offering Mixing Music | I'll Use Your UTAU | UTAU Raffle | Free

    SOOOO I came up with this hopefully original idea, let's do an UTAU Raffle. What is it? Let me explain. To enter a raffle you do a certain thing (mostly reshare stuff or follow someone, but this can be different at times) and finally out of all people, a few will be chosen randomly by the...
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    Art UTAU free sketch requests (open)

    This is so beautiful --- thank you
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    Art UTAU free sketch requests (open)

    Oof Draw mine pretty please:
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    Is using gender flags bad?

    It's infact not "bad" to do so, but you could try to voiceact for a new voicebank if you dislike the original too much. I use the g Flag myself alot as well. It gives a nice effect to the more creepier songs :creepy:
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    インコ音メイシー Inkone Meishii Se-01_m-15 - インコ音メイシー Inkone Meishii Se-01_m-15

    ⬛ Inkone Meishii ⬛ Specs: AI, UTAU, virtual singer, android ⬛ She's a self learning android. Despite being hyper intelligent, she's only used to sing. You'll rarely ever find her smiling; robots lack emotion.
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    インコ音メイシー Inkone Meishii Se-01_m-15

    MeishiiUTAU submitted a new resource: インコ音メイシー Inkone Meishii Se-01_m-15 - Well OTO'ed, CV, Clear, F3~F6, Semi-High Female voice, Romaji samples, Hiragana aliases Read more about this resource...