Cdra's Big Guide to Using UTAU No Changes

All the basic information for using UTAU, so you can start using the program right away!

  1. Cdra
    Download the Guide here!
    **To view it best, download the pdf and select two page view and view cover page. Also don't show gaps between pages. That way the two-page spread on the window will work. You can find these settings under View>Page Display**

    NOTE (2/22/2016): I have lost the original document for the Big Guide, but I plan to rebuild it so that I can update it in the near future. However, almost everything in the guide is still applicable! Only the last two appendixes (C and D) and the various links (particualrly going to the old wikia) are outdated.

    Basically this guide was written so that all the basic information for using UTAU is easy to access, so you can start using the program right off the bat, I hope!

    This guide is focused on how to actually use the program, including what all the settings do, etc. It doesn't cover VB creation or UST editing in any depth, so please turn to other tutorials for information about those topics.

    Hope it helps!

Recent Reviews

  1. Aura Autumnus
    Aura Autumnus
    Version: 2012-12-11
    Can you believe I didn't know about the M button on the reight corner? OMG using that for many years, wondering what I did wrong when it was disabled all of a sudden... and there it was. Maybe it could include more about otoing, but it's ok.
    1. Cdra
      Author's Response
      I didn't include anything about otoing because this wasn't a guide about voicebank creation, but strictly using the program. I actually have written an oto tutorial though, which you can find hanging out on the UTAU wiki!