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Help! UTAU isn't loading the version of the voicebank that's in my voice folder!

This is a problem that I had a while back and figured out how to fix, but I figured I should probably make a tutorial for it.

This covers the situation in which you open UTAU and it’s loading anything that doesn’t correspond to what’s in your voice folder, like a voicebank that shouldn’t be there, a voicebank with an outdated oto.ini, an oto.ini that shouldn’t be there, or simply isn’t loading a voicebank that should.

What this problem is caused by is Windows 7 being stupid and for some reason believing that one should not have access to freely modify Program Files, which is something that most UTAU users have to do. Thus, this problem occurs if you’ve installed UTAU via the installer (which is also why you’ll likely find many UTAU users recommending you install via zip). So, whenever UTAU uses Program Files, it actually relocates your files to a hidden-off folder and calls from there from that point forward.

In order to get UTAU to call from Program Files and save everything there, what you need to do is to get it to run as admin. This is pretty simple (right-click UTAU and select “Run as administrator"). To save the hassle of having to do this every time, you can set your shortcut to automatically run as admin:

  • right-click UTAU and select “Properties"
  • move to the “Compatibility" tab
  • put a check mark in “Run this program as an administrator" and click OK

Now, if you need to retrieve the files that Windows 7 secluded, it’s pretty easy to find:

C:\Users\(your name)\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\UTAU

Replace (your name) with whatever your username for your computer is. If you use 64-bit, you should also replace “Program Files" with “Program Files (x86)".

I’m not sure if this applies to Windows 8, since I don’t use it right now, but I hope this can be of help!
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