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Single Reclist Japanese 3-Mora/Rentan Reclist [UNTESTED] 2016-02-11

Here's a rentan reclist I was going to use for my UTAU recordings, before some unfortunate things happened and well, I ended up being unable to record anything. Bummer.

Unfortunately, it's not OREMO-friendly, but one could easily edit it to be.

Let me explain how it's adaptable to both VCV and CV-VC:


See this? It's the VCV string, I've used it for the vowels and some consonants as well (mainly the ones that sound significantly more fluid in VCV). Notice the ending breaths (I love ending breaths).

So, let's say you want to make a VCV with VC endings, so you can use it for songs where the vowels in "tsu" and "shi" don't quite appear, for example.


See? it's actually fairly easy to adapt the 3-mora parts to support both VCV and CV-VC at once!

I personally chose 3-mora because I can record slightly longer notes (as it helps eliminate the robotic twang in some resamplers) without ending up breathless. Besides, doing so would make me stop less to drink water between recordings (it's just a personal annoyance of mine, but can come to be handy to people who record in studios).

As for testing how it works in practice... Unfortunately, I never could. But you can feel free to do it, if you desire! But please let me know about the final result! (Either via Twitter, Tumblr or Skype!)

P.S.: Feel free to ignore the extra recordings (they're indicated in the list), if you just want a basic Japanese voicebank. They're just some random phonetic expansions and extra consonants, after all. (Also, I'm still a bit sad that I never could make it adaptable to more vowels simply because I didn't want to overcomplicate things. But feel free to try it if you wanna.)
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