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Resource Japanese 3-Mora/Rentan Reclist [UNTESTED] 2016-02-11


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Aline submitted a new resource:

Japanese 3-Mora/Rentan Reclist [UNTESTED] - Adaptable Rentan reclist

Here's a rentan reclist I was going to use for my UTAU recordings, before some unfortunate thinga happened and well, I ended up being unable to record anything. Bummer.

Unfortunately, it's not OREMO-friendly, but one could easily edit it to be.

Let me explain how it's adaptable to both VCV and CV-VC:


See this? It's the VCV...

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....I would have recommended testing out the reclist before releasing it this way. Posting it untested would have made more sense in the Projects and WIPs than in the resources.

For example, I recently wrote a reclist, and I had to make revisions while I was recording it, while I was otoing it, and while I was having the final voicer record it. While Japanese reclist are probably good to go using theory, testing will refine it and maybe help you catch any typos or mistakes you might have made.


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Ecchi, if I could record in a proper setting, I would test it, but I'm not testing it simply because I'm currently incapacitated to properly record anything. *Faint sobbing drowned by a lot of noise produced by outside sources completely and utterly out of my control*

In theory, I'm sure the VCV parts cover all vowel combinations in Japanese (I did check it out thoroughly and made sure there would be no need for repetitions), and that the CV strings cover all the possible Japanese consonants + phonetic expansions (like nasal g, for example). But what I fear is that this list may not be as practical and convenient as I theorize it would be.

But since I can't test it anytime soon and I'm 99.9% sure absolutely nobody will care even a little bit to test it for me (after all, I'm not exactly the dearest person in this fandom)... Welp. *Shrug*

You can move the thread to somewhere else if you want to, but it'll probably rot there.

(EDIT: I'm sorry if I'm sounding rude or condescending, that wasn't my intention... orz)
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I might actually test this when I get a change to record. (Let's prey that the noisey machinery is left off for once)


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I think what Ecchi was getting at is that you should have opened it up to Beta testers before releasing it as a 'finished' product and making sure it could work.


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Aline updated Japanese 3-Mora/Rentan Reclist [UNTESTED] with a new update entry:

Japanese 3-Mora VCV-VC Conversion

This is the list I used in Enbukyoku Aline Tough; so, it's tested.

3-Mora (Phonetic) VCV-VC
By Aline (amateurCatalyst, EnbukyokuAline)


This reclist is converted from my really old and really untested Rentan reclist. Considering the fact almost 200 people downloaded it at the time I decided to convert it (it's more downloads than some of my videos ever got views LMFAO), I'm going to make this conversion as a gift to basically everyone who might want a reclist that...

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