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Single Reclist OREMO Recording Package Setparam-compatible VCV Romaji "Reclist" 2024-03-03

Hello! I created a comment resource for the kana reclist I use in OREMO to make it more accessible to those who have not learned to read kana!

Why did I make this?? Romaji reclists are perfectly fine, but unfortunately the nature of the filenames make it incompatible with oremo's built-in OTO generator, and while moresampler is a great tool for testing, the otos it generates can be a difficult experience to edit with its many duplicates and inconsistencies. Because kana filenames are the only supported format for oremo's auto-generation, I wanted to make SOMETHING for those who cannot read it, or are not yet comfortable/fluent enough to use a full kana reclist. This also adds the possibility to search with romaji for the desired filename in the program for re-recording if necessary.

This utilizes comments to provide romaji pronunciation, so all filenames will be in kana.

This is based and edited on YukitoYuki's compilation of a Ritsu-based 7-mora reclist with added extras from me! I personally prefer 7 mora just for the way it's recorded. It includes a quick shorthand guide on how to use the comment list.
The edited reclist is included for simplicity's sake, but if they would like this taken down I will do so.
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