1. Parnozika

    Issues with oremo

    So today i tried making my first VB (CV) and i used oremo for this but i can't get the key grid or target tone to show up. I've turned them on in advanced settings but it just doesn't show up. I also tried reinstalling oremo but it's still the same :/ Does anyone know how to solve this issue?
  2. FelineWasteland

    guideBGM Salem's Simple Guide BGMs 1.0

    Features: Compatible with OREMO Includes 4 beats at 100 and 120 BPM, and 8 beats at 120 BPM Includes pitches C3 to C5 Includes MIDI template files to customize your own How to Use: Recording starts halfway through the first measure. The woodblock functions as a metronome, and the first piano...
  3. Leffolz

    OREMO Error during param

    Hello everyone! I'm a little new here (in terms of making an account and actually posting) so I apologize if this might be the wrong category to post! I'm a Japanese American so I have no problem with anything written in Japanese and or in English. I'm here writing this because I have trouble...
  4. GeneralNuisance

    How would one go about recording an UTAU on an iPhone X/11?

    A friend of mine wants to get into UTAU. Normally I'd lend her my mic to use for a day or two, but we're all quarantined, so that's not possible, but she's getting a new phone soon. I'd heard that a good way to record an UTAU if all one has is headset mics is to use your phone mic. So, how would...
  5. 2koeoe02

    UTAU not singing

    I'm not new to UTAU by any means (been using it since 2015-16 and made a lot of friends on here but my brother went on my account and got me IP banned lol, but I stopped using it about a year ago) but I cant remember how to fix this problem lmao I decided to make a CV vb to get back into making...
  6. kam0109

    Oremo showing a Kanji character instead of reclist?

    Hello, this showed up on my Oremo as soon as I loaded up a custom CV Hiragana reclist: I don't know how to fix it nor do I know what the Kanji means. I just wanted to record a voicebank. :( Please help me!
  7. kam0109

    Can someone tell me how to properly record a CV and a VCV voicebank?

    I record my samples in Oremo with a condenser microphone, but when I import the voicebank in UTAU there's always this very nasally robotic engine sound on certain words (mostly "ra" and "na"). I tried fixing it by making the largest space possible between the consonant and the cutoff, I even...
  8. daikkichocolatt

    demonic voice in oremo

    everytime i try to record with oremo it does this. it only happens with oremo. does anyone know how to fix this?? :(
  9. Sydney

    Oremo crashes everytime I try to record a note!

    I recorded 45 notes the other day and when I went back on to re-record, it crashed every time I did it I change the input setting everytime to all the options I could MANY times. I even restarted my computer, any clue what I should do? I’m using Windows 10 and apple earbuds plugged in Here are...
  10. Pixelody Chiptune

    Help! My Utau that i made does not work

    My UTAU that i made only sings on some notes but ignores most of them. I've recorded a whole hiragana reclist and it doesn't work. Please help me!
  11. Bakaloid

    OREMO error startup in script

    I've been having this error from the start and it never ends, I tried everything please help https://imgur.com/gallery/Mg05gIQ
  12. T

    Oremo not showing Hiragana?

    Okay, So i'm a complete noob and I can't figure this out on my own. I downloaded the newest version of Oremo with the intent of recording a voice, but none of the Hiragana are displaying! My Locale is set to japan, and I have a windows 10 laptop. It's displaying a bunch of symbols that would...
  13. xcheesebread

    OREMO and Moresampler won't generate OTO

    Hi, I've never had this problem occurred in my entire lifetime of using Oremo. https://pastebin.com/xM2pBUyQ I just recently did a fresh reinstall of Windows 10 and reinstall all of the necessary tools for UTAU and change my system locale to Japanese of course. I can't really show you a...
  14. Charis

    Advice for a Classical Voicebank

    Hi all, I am a new Utau creator and am looking for some advice on something (seemingly) a bit niche. I am a trained classical/operatic singer, with a naturally high voice. I haven’t seen too much advice regarding recording for different voice types, and what I have read is inconclusive. I’ve...
  15. Shirayuna

    Oremo does not accept any other BGM

    I have downloaded a few bgms for oremo, I then tried to add one of the files and it was also indicated that it worked. Now I wanted to record a wav file with the bgm. However, an error message came with "failed". Can someone help me please about this? (sorry for my bad english I hope it is...
  16. CreatEchoes

    Problems with OREMO

    Hello, I have some problems with OREMO. I don't know why, but when I save the recordings and go to see them in the "result" folder any of them are there.I tried to set the properties of the folder to not hide any files, stays the same. The thing that confuses me is that and that when I go to...
  17. Cherii

    Help New to OREMO

    Alright, not really sure exactly HOW I should word these questions but-- I finally got OREMO downloaded and working properly, I have the English one and everything. I watched a video regarding a tutorial for it however, I am confused as to a few things... 1 - When it comes to saving the file...
  18. Chii-Bii

    Mac Oremo Help!!: Bad Directory

    So, after reinstalling Oremo, it finally worked properly! Anyways, I recently finished recording a VCV voicebank for Mirai and I wanted to generate an oto for her so that I had a base to work with. So I do what I need to do to generate one and then I click the button to make an oto, and it...
  19. Yanderu

    OREMO Recording Package Help Recording CV, VCV, CVVC

    Single Sound Source (CV) The basics, CV. A basic CV reclist should contain all necessary sounds plus some extras that enhance the voicebank. The links below this are to CV reclists. The first link sends you to a Japanese page if you are on Chrome have it translate the site into your language...
  20. Calcloud

    Can't open Oremo

    This error keeps showing up. I've looked for answers and yet none have helped. Apparently i'm supposed to change the local but I have no idea how to do that. Help?