1. Kiyoteru

    presamp.ini Specifications

    Advisory When this doc was written, the presamp preset editor hadn’t been released yet. This can still help people who want to write a file from scratch, edit existing files, or understand the preset editor in more detail. We can’t guarantee your files will work perfectly. If you delete the...
  2. Kiyoteru

    Adjusted presamp.ini for Kasane Teto English 1.7

    You can type the phonemes for a whole syllable into one note, without needing to manually split up the note yourself. Sample audio: Download the sample UST and see it in action...
  3. Kiyoteru

    Presamp Preset Editor 1.00

    This plugin is used for editing settings for presamp, which are also compatible with autoCVVC 2. You can edit both the default global settings, and create+edit settings for the individual voicebank. When editing individual voicebank settings, you have the option of only saving some parts of the...