1. mikimiri

    Voicebank Miru Tanaka

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item 棚夏ミル. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. mikimiri

    Miru Tanaka

    Miru is a 14 year old magical girl who loves lemons. She has a soft whispery voice similar to MEIKA Hime. Not her vocal samples are crudely cut and are autotuned. Despite that she's a monopitch VCV soft voicebank. Great for Pop and Pop-rock songs.
  3. Hentai

    Social Groups & Media*booru | New 5.0β Features

    New UtaForum 5.0β Features: Social Groups & Rich Media*booru Social Groups Overview Social Groups are the official implementation of the old "FanClub" system crossed over with "UtaLabs" and "UtaOC Roleplay". It is intended to add both private & public spaces where you can have your own corner of...
  4. ck13

    dorian closed beta

    hello i am ck13 and i own an utau by the name of dorian. atm, dorian is a tripitch, multiexpression vcv bank w vocal fries and end breaths and a weird falsetto pitch. s o i have decided that i am at a point in dorian's development in which i find myself feeling that i may not be able to...
  5. dionn1993

    Zannon koitsu text to speech demo

    This demo Is a beta test of my utau as a text to speech voice bank using the lyre bird engine. Currently it only supports 300 recorder sentences. Tho I recorded around , 380. I'm still working on more recordings as I go along. To improve the voice clarity. Whenever, the engine improves. I...
  6. Hoppenheimer


    This UTAU is currently in beta! It has mostly everything found in the final voicebank, but the otos are generated with Moresampler. Hoppenheimer, who's real name is Henri (pronounced very similarly to "Henry", but with a rolling R.), is a fun-loving toon rabbit from a Finnish bootleg Disney...
  7. ck13

    dorian beta release

    hello! :) since today is my bday, and since i have also come to the realization that i have no idea what i am doing, i am releasing a beta of dorian's voicebank. this is the first utau i've made, so i hope people like it!!
  8. Yanderu

    Trilingual VCV?

    'Ello there! I was wondering if anybody would like to beta test a reclist for me one I'm done writing it. It's a VCV-VC reclist for Tagalog, Spanish, and Japanese. However, this reclist may be longer due to the recording of the VC[CC]-C[CC]V's and some other parts. Would you guys like a reclist...
  9. Mei-Saime

    Namko-tan design concept

    Namko-tan (or Namko) concept art. yaaay
  10. Mei-Saime


    So I came across this NicoNico UAU user who is currently refining his VCVC reclist! This reclist is for making a UTAU speak without the use of the plugin HANASU (from what I'm seeing) but the user made his own plugins to make the voicebank sound natural when speaking and it looks really cool! ^^...
  11. Mei-Saime

    UTAU + VOICEROID Software?

    Recently and currently, I'm asking for people to help me test a speaking voicebank for Yuzuko here But maybe if this goes well, could we have an idea of a UTAU text-to-speech program like VOICEROID? Plugins are nice, but...
  12. Type B

    Type B

    TYPE B is a dragon boy who is not so well-versed in magic. This is quite uncommon in the region he lives in. His favorite colors are gold and various shades of green. He likes soda, sunny days, and high places. Despite not having the ability to fly, he dreams of it, and has settled upon his...
  13. Sakura Yukaine

    Sakura Yukaine

    loves trees and has a dog called bubbles which she made purple. She hates it when people dont give her a chance and likes to eat sushi. Her weight and height are 10 more of the creators AS OF 10/08/17 She was original going to be called Yui Irone She was going to be the same age of the creator
  14. ryouichi

    【UTAUカバー】Kagerou Girl / Rolling Days【低い音キイロ V1β】+ OFF VO

    Yayyy I covered a Vocamash!! ;7; This is my UTAU's new VCV vb, it's in Beta and the only pitch recorded right now is B2, which is used in this cover. I'm so proud aghhhh :'D
  15. keiran h

    Asereth V3 Demo Reel

    I hope you like this short demo I made of him. This is just a beta.
  16. kimchi-tan

    Want to help beta test my voicebank?

    Read everything in the description here for the details :sing:
  17. JAY


    Hey guys! I'm currently looking for a beta tester or two to help me finish off Uzu's UMBRA bank before I can FINALLY release her. As of now, some of the people that have helped me with her bank have told me that there are a couple samples missing (though I have no idea what they are). Also, the...
  18. keiran h

    Leia ft. Asereth [VCCV Spanish β] demo

  19. idol

    【UTAU Cover】 Aza Aza★Night fever! (アザアザ★ナイトフィーバー )

    another demo! she's my little beta-baby.
  20. Asher


    Showcase art by Toggle_Arts on Twitter Occupation⁎ A Sweet shop mascot Details⁎ He is the mascot of a fictional sweet shop containing many delights and more! He sings the theme of his store and other stuff like collaborations and many other projects. Name Interpretation⁎ Asher...