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  1. marshmink

    IA English C Starter Pack dl purchase????

    I'm looking into buying IA English C, but I don't have the CeVIO editor standalone. There is a downloadable purchase of IA Eng on the website, but I cannot find one with the editor. I would try to buy the physical copy, but there isn't an option I can find that lets you ship it outside of Japan...
  2. ❤️PuririnLuka❤️

    【CeVIO English】 Half-Life WIP 【Shirosaki Yuudai】

    Should I bother Finishing it? So I decided to make Yuudai sing Half-Life and this is what I got so far, making CeVIO Japanese vb's sing in english is hard, you must use and edit the TMG section alot if you want them to properly pronounce the word you want them to say such as time and or leaves...
  3. ❤️PuririnLuka❤️

    【CeVIO,UTAU】「A Way To Become Happy Forever」【Shirosaki Yuudai ft Kazuya】

    Anyone else loves the way yuudai sounds in this cover? ^^
  4. Xuu

    ONE 「サイバーサンダーサイダー」CeVIOカバー

    Yes, ONE Song and Talk voices have a trial! (As long as you have CeVIO Editor, that is.) You can download it here》1stplace.co.jp/software/cevio/ To use it, install and make sure your CeVIO Editor is the latest version. After this, under "ヘルプ(H)", click this (i.imgur.com/iOWpWW8.png). ONE's Trial...
  5. Xuu


    I tried to use Sasara for English. VSQx: Snowphones Mix: Me Song: CIRCRUSH Sasara: CeVIO Project
  6. samth1815

    French and Japanese CeVIO: ALYS

    Originally destined to be the first French VOCALOID, ALYS has made a Software Jump and is now being developed for CeVIO Creative Studio. She is being developed by VoxWave, her voice provider is Poucet, and her illustrator is Saphirya. ---- Age: 21 Gender: Female Height: 165cm (5 feet 5...