cvvc reclist

  1. YukitoYuki

    OREMO Recording Package Finnish Pika (CVVC) 1.0

    Nota Bene: This recording list is NOT compatible with DeepVocal software. This list works in UTAU ONLY! ========= Reclist name is "Pika" meaning "express" in English. This Finnish CVVC is Arpasing inspired and made to be as lightweight and fast to record as possible. File includes: readme...
  2. kimchi-tan

    Single Reclist All transitions Japanese 7-mora CVVC reclist 1.0

    (resubmitted because of the server migration) A Japanese CVVC reclist optimized for short recording time and all VC transitions available. Only 34 samples! Optimal recording tempo for the base oto.ini is 100 BPM. Some VCV and ending breaths (a R, etc) are also included. Base oto.ini by...
  3. はりりん

    CVVC Rentan Oto Help!

    It would be great if someone could oto this voicebank for me. Of course I will credit him/her. If anyone's interested I will send the voicebank link to you. Thank you for reading!
  4. Jaap Vandenbroucke

    What is the best CVVC reclist?

    Please help me! I need some help! What is the best CVVC japanese reclist that is in hiragana? And makes your utau sound realistic?
  5. kávézó

    VCCV/CVVC/CV Reclist Generator

    I made this on a whim as an assignment for an algorithms class last year, and promptly forgot about it until I dug it out last week. I ended up fixing it up and adding a GUI. A little demo: Download here. Source code here. Disclaimer: PLEASE EDIT the reclists after generation...they're...
  6. PrinceofHades

    What To Look For In A CVVC JP Reclist?

    Hey! I've posted here before asking about CVVC and VCV, and I have decided to record a CVVC Japanese bank for my UTAU. Now, in my experience, choosing a good reclist is key. Thing is, I have no idea what constitutes a "good" CVVC reclist. I know that I'm going to want a base oto, but that's...
  7. Miuraock

    Single Reclist Miurock English reclist 1.0

    a i u e o are same as japanese @ Is the vowel in At And Apple 1 is the vowel In hIt lIt 3 is vowel in fERn 6 is vowel in lUck 0 is vowel in bOOk the word version will be put as [v3][3s][si][in] or something like that zh s in aisa ts zz in pizza thh airy th dh strong th dhh airy strong th