female utau

  1. AgataBr22

    Voicebank Kokoro Agata

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item Kokoro Agata. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. Kokoro Agata

    Kokoro Agata

    Type = UTAUloid22 Nekodroid Item = Strawberry Code = A-22 Birthday:27/06 Release year of original VB: 2011 Release year of this VB: 27/06/2018 Update: 27/06/2020 Origin = Brazil/Brasil Brothers= Kokoro Kuroshiro,NULU,Kokoro Shoota. Her apparent age is 17, but her real age is her age of existence...
  3. Fuzake Saka V.2

    Fuzake Saka V.2

    Item: a Cotton Candy Personality: Extrovert, energetic and kinda childish Relations: Kagamine Rin and Len (Idol crushs) and Hatsune Miku (Idol) Fuzake (Fuzaketa/ふざけた) - Playful Saka (Sakasu/サーカス) - Circus
  4. Meiji&Zuiga

    Informal Beta for Toujoh Wistaria, VCV "friend" bank to Gahata Meiji

    https://twitter.com/cv70x0Y/status/1168396106486579200 Has sort of a "cuter", more saccharine sound than Gahata Meiji, probably best suited for the sort of childish, dark songs that one might attribute to MAYU's aesthetic: Later down the line will be Jougasaki Bibi, who has a more...
  5. Sun


    Sun (real name Clarine Foster) is the producer and leader of Planetary Motion. It was a passion project she began several years ago with her husband, Jupiter (real name Karter Foster) where they find talented individuals as they travel for their work and recruit them to be a part of the team...
  6. Orenji Chaneru

    Orenji Chaneru

    Birthday: July 31, 1994 Nationality/Race: Japanese/American Character item: Green slime Personality: Happy-go-lucky, dim-witted, optimistic, joyful
  7. Kiken Mushoku

    Kiken Mushoku

    Birthday: April 6, 2001 Nationality/Race: Japanese/American Character item: Cigar Personality: Hyperactive, immature, mischievous, impatient
  8. DEENA


    Birthday: December 9, 2002 Nationality/Race: Japanese/American Character item: Yellow iPod Nano Personality: Tomboyish, mischievous, childish, impatient


    Birthday: July 11, 2002 Nationality/Race: Japanese/American Character item: Garfield plush Personality: Sarcastic, cynical, tomboyish, level-headed
  10. Mei-Saime

    Yuzuko Hoshikuzu Official Design

    Here is Yuzuko's official design! For those who follow me on BiliBili and Weibo, I did censored it but that censored version is not official. The reference sheet is currently in the making so do look forward to it! Also, beta sign ups end in 14 days!
  11. Mei-Saime

    【星屑ゆずこデモンストレーション曲】このふざけた素晴らしき世界は、僕の為にある【Crystalia Millenium】

    This demo here uses her prototype, beta VCV voicebank. Sign Ups for beta testing are active. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 星屑ゆずこ連測音β1.0歌声デモンストレーション : Song by n.k「このふざけた素晴らしき世界は、僕の為にある」 Lyrics by n.k Original Singer: Hatsune Miku...
  12. Mei-Saime

    【星屑ゆずこデモンストレーション曲】透明水彩【Crystalia Millenium】

    This demo here uses her prototype, beta VCV voicebank. Sign Ups for beta testing are active. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 星屑ゆずこ連測音β1.0歌声デモンストレーション : Song by ヤスオP「透明水彩」 Lyrics by ヤスオP Guitar by 我々の骨盤P Original Singer: Hatsune Miku...
  13. Mei-Saime

    【星屑ゆずこデモンストレーション曲】ユカユカ☆ヘヴンリーナイト【Crystalia Millenium】

    Today is the start of the Yuzuko Hoshikuzu VCV Beta sign ups and the Feedback Campaign. From 2/15 to 3/15, A Google Forums link in the description will be available for those who would like to beta test her VB and be able to give early feedback for improvements, techniques, etc. The beta 1.0 VB...
  14. Papuru Momo

    Papuru Momo

    Momo is a 19 year old Demon Bunny, created as the first in the HIBAloid project. She was created as test subject for being a cute singing girl. Currently existing out of 1 bank (base bank) This has 2 versions (V.1 and ACT2) Appends are in the planning
  15. Tiziana Tanoshimi

    Tiziana Tanoshimi

    Tiziana is a rather...expressive female. She's very touchy feely and will always go in for a hug rather than a handshake. When she gets too scared or agitated, she will start throwing whatever is nearby to the threat or the source of her distress.
  16. Kuku Klock

    【Utau Cover】Repulsive Food Eater【Kurayami Hikari】

    Posted from description So...its been literally been 9 years since I covered this song with her. And I have a lot more people for her to eat... on a side note, Kurayami, dont eat your brother, yer gonna get fat. ewe. But it was fun doing this cover tho. Credits;; Utau used Kurayami Hikari (tri...
  17. Yawaku Hibana

    Yawaku Hibana

    Hibana is a 19 year old devil hybrid that was created for a project named HIBAloid. She is the 2nd in her line and was tested as a singer with a devilish character. Currently exsisting out of one bank (base bank) (See voicebank details) More appends are upcoming.
  18. Mei-Saime

    Big Changes for me

    Happy 2019. Well, I've been "rebooting" my UTAU and group since my Surface Pro 4 died in October. Since this is a clean slate of 2019, I decided to change some things. - Yuzuko's name, specifically her surname will change as I did find the "ne" suffix a bit old fashioned. Her new official name...
  19. Gin-Kaido

    【17 Female UTAU】 2008 SeleP Medley

    seleP Medley cover from me... Thank you for listening...
  20. Pauline Ishida

    Pauline Ishida

    pauline was not born, she has simply always existed as chaotic energy. in the dead of night, when you feel as if someone is watching you, that is the presence of pauline ishida. pauline is always watching. always observing. your fear fuels her. even gods tremble at the sound of her name.