1. GraySlate

    Voicebank Yamako

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  2. Yamako


    Yamako is a demon who has very little memory about her past. It is assumed that an event or culmination thereof rendered her voice broken and almost lost. Although she isn’t in pain, her voice is constantly cracking and sometimes hard to understand. She is often asked by others if she is sick...
  3. feelingiconiic

    Voicebank JADE

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  4. JADE


    JADE is a vocal synthesis project using the androgynous, adolescent vocals of sixteen year old FeelingIconiic. This project is dedicated to speech and singing synthesis utilizing the English and Japanese languages, as well as the virtual vocalist character that represents this project. ■...
  5. Biggity_Boy

    Voicebank Doreiku Ocharakeru

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  6. Biggity_Boy

    Doreiku Ocharakeru

    Favorite Color: Gray Eyes: Gray Clothes: Main- He wears a tux with a black bowtie, black dress pants, and dress shoes. Alt- He wears gray sweats and a gray hoodie. Personality: You can use him however you want. Note- There is not enough info about him but here are some. - He struggles to make...
  7. HanatheNeko

    Voicebank CUSL-01: Hana Sakura

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  8. CUSL-01: Hana Sakura

    CUSL-01: Hana Sakura

    CUSL-01: Hana Sakura is a Demonic Dragon-Based Robot. She is 16 years old Hana lives in the Apocalypse (Not a Zombie one, More like a Nuclear Warfare Aftermath one) With her Two Younger Brothers, MAXwell and Songbird (CUSL-02 and CUSL-03, Respectively) and Her Father, Hitomi Sakuyoka. Hana's...
  9. Oto

    Voicebank Bafuwa Puroguramu

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  10. Bafuwa Puroguramu

    Bafuwa Puroguramu

    His mind and conscious was stuffed into a knock-off like Bonzi-Buddy program and was released in 2000
  11. jeeperssqueakers

    Voicebank Gully

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  12. Gully


    working on a new bio tbd
  13. Haiiro Kaminari

    Haiiro Kaminari

    ------ Character item: Yellow scythe Appearance: wears a moving-ear pull-down grey wolf hat almost everywhere (unless she feels the need to take it off). has long, straight, waist-length dark grey hair, and wears a purple sweater with ebony stripes, along with dark blue ripped jeans. wears a...
  14. Hibisune Dora

    Hibisune Dora

    Hibisune Dora is a 17 years old high school student, they never mention their gender to anyone and loves to fake and mimic voices. They dyed their hair for a while to slightly match their odd eyes, and is never seen without their uniform. Dora is bright and cheerful, sometimes mischievous and...
  15. Masago Miura

    Masago Miura

    Vikura, real name Masago, was raised by her uncle most of her life, who showed her many metal bands and influenced her music taste. Masago never particularly excelled in school, struggling from dyslexia and other learning disabilities. With her uncle's help, she managed to graduate with a high...
  16. Alta Maha

    Alta Maha

    A sea serpent/fish lady who lives in Georgia, at the bottom of a river. Based on the legend of the Alta-mahaha. Comes ashore at every new moon. Likes swimming to build strength. Seems flippant, but is nice deep down. Refer to her official site for more info!
  17. Samara


    (Ref sheet from 2018) Samara is a Satori that appears in a cursed video. The twist with her is that the video she's in doesn't kill you seven days after viewing it; in fact, she doesn't kill at all. Rather, she shows scary clips until she gets bored or hungry, and asks the person watching for...
  18. Nevio Vecoli

    Nevio Vecoli

    Nevio was born on Valentine’s Day in Italy to two loving parents. His older brother, Lazzaro, took to him very quickly and became his first role model. When Nevio was two and Lazzaro was 6, the two were moved into their grandparents’ house with little explanation. Both of their memories are hazy...
  19. ChibiMango-Flooferz

    Minty Mascgrinn

    Kind of UTAU: Dog-Bat Furloid Character Item: Comedy Drama Mask Concept: Minty is based on the goofy, scatterbrained part of my personality. She's also to a lesser extent inspired by the Sock (comedic role) in a Sock and Buskin (tragic role) pair. Positive Personality Traits Friendly Loyal...
  20. Tashiro Yui

    Tashiro Yui

    Tashiro Yui is an utau created and voiced by me, Cherry! ^^ At the moment, she's only a monopitch japanese voicebank... But she's growing!! (I hope lol...) CURRENT SAMPLE: Her design is heavily based on the "old vocaloid" aesthetic lol... Sorry if that's not your thing, I just really enjoy...