original song

  1. Greenpatch

    Original Motivational Song ft. CHRIS

    An original I and someone else made (audio only)
  2. VocAddict

    Original [VoXil feat. SOLARIA] Sol County Fair [Synthesizer V Original]

    "Enjoy the Fair!" Audiomack
  3. Kevinp9568

    PARADOX feat. Kevin Futarine

    Hello, I have released a brand original song for Kevin Futarine's 10th anniversary since his first release. Music by LesManga Lyrics by Kaiji
  4. Pikachuk(SeleDreamsP)

    Croire ft. Hitsuboku Kumi French

    This is an original french song I have made with Hitsuboku Kumi French, i hope you'll enjoy it
  5. AzoSBear

    Singing by a Window - Orchestral Arrangement

    I finally made a bandcamp account where you can now listen to the orchestral arrangement of the song Singing by a Window from the Distant Voices album by AzoSBear!
  6. rilakora

    Growing pains (original song)

  7. weevildoing

    【UTAU Original】DEVIANT ❤️【Namine Ritsu】

    whew, haven't posted on here in quite a while! i finally have a new song, feel free to check it out ^___^
  8. AzoSBear

    [UTAU Original + Human Vocal] My Name is Maria

    Song by AzoSBear Vocals: Azo Sorabara [English VCCV] AZO-BA [Derivative English VCCV] Iso Kyobara [Derivative English VCCV] Maria (Vo. AzoSBear) Lyrics: (Iso Kyobara) I must purge this illness from this [UNIVERSE] Marked by the rose I must achieve The completion of my purpose (Maria) Who...
  9. VocAddict

    [VoXil feat. AVANNA] Lady Day [VOCALOID Original]

    "May she reign for evermore!" NND | Audiomack | Bandcamp Instrumental and VSQx
  10. Daiko

    Katathorium OST - Katatonia (Opening Ver.) ft. Yuuki Daiko

    I begin to explore UtaForum and find out a place to post original songs and remixes? That's neat! I'd like to share my work in Katsuo Yuuki's original work 'Katathorium': a novel in which we follow the path of Keiha Mishima into the depths of emotion itself: The Katathorium. The song...
  11. weevildoing

    【Kasane Teto】i want a lobotomy【Original Song】

    warning for a bit of suicidal ideation; i made a short lil vent song lol
  12. CyberneticCupcake

    Original [VOCALOID Original] Neverending Rain/Reign [ft. Big Al]

    This is a little old, but this was my first big VOCALOID project ever for the Big FestivAl run by celestrai. I learned a lot from various producers (and general experimentation), and I'm proud enough of it to have it in my music portfolio. I don't know how well using a slightly obscure Engloid...
  13. CrystalPeach

    Is it possible to copyright an original UTAU song?

    I'm asking that because I made my own song recently and my boyfriend (who is a vocaloid producer) recommends I copyright my song so I can put it on bandcamp and sell it as a single. But my problem is that very question. Is it possible when you don't own the voicebank? My song uses Yokune Ruko...
  14. E

    Resolved Feedback and Advice

    I’m trying to produce an original song with Kasane Teto, and this is my first WIP. It’s a little pitchy and awkward, is there anything I can do to make it sound better? Are there any resamplers or flags that work really good for teto that I should try? I wanna improve really bad! :0
  15. weevildoing

    my first original UTAU song!

    i'm super nervous to share this, but also excited! this is my first original UTAU song (or first original song with any vocal synth for that matter!) it's based off my own experiences with trauma and mental illness. my style is heavily inspired by genres like breakcore and post-industrial music...
  16. Atama no Okashina

    【Original Song】 Guerra Interminável 【Pururu】

    best brazilian VB ever <3 (I'll never surrender to them, daddy said I'm a strong little girl) Get this song here: https://atamanookashina.bandcamp.com/... ____Lyrics (ptbr):____ Eles tiraram tudo de mim Os meus pais agora estão mortos Estou morrendo de medo Porque eles querem minha...
  17. Pixys

    kagamine rin-Neurotic Nuclear Warhead Girl +pv

  18. Pixys

    Original GUMI - Moscow Engine Noise

  19. HoodyP2

    Original 【Eleanor Forte】Fiction Getaway 【Synth V Original Song】

    So, I'm just gonna post my newly created original song here bc I don't know where I could promote it (other than the SynthV forums) so here... Enjoy my weird song! The inst, acapella, written lyrics and S5P files are in the Audiomack site's description.
  20. Neko Box

    【UTAU Original】闇【松田っぽいよ】