1. Kiyoteru

    presamp.ini Specifications

    Advisory When this doc was written, the presamp preset editor hadn’t been released yet. This can still help people who want to write a file from scratch, edit existing files, or understand the preset editor in more detail. We can’t guarantee your files will work perfectly. If you delete the...
  2. Kiyoteru

    Presamp 0.871

    About Presamp This software allows you to use a CV UST with any Japanese voicebank, regardless of CV, VCV, or CVVC formatting. It is tested to work with UTAU versions 0.2.76 and 0.4.18. You will need the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 runtime for this software. Download here (Microsoft Download...
  3. Kiyoteru

    Adjusted presamp.ini for Kasane Teto English 1.7

    You can type the phonemes for a whole syllable into one note, without needing to manually split up the note yourself. Sample audio: Download the sample UST and see it in action...
  4. Kiyoteru

    Presamp Preset Editor 1.00

    This plugin is used for editing settings for presamp, which are also compatible with autoCVVC 2. You can edit both the default global settings, and create+edit settings for the individual voicebank. When editing individual voicebank settings, you have the option of only saving some parts of the...
  5. TheBlueNeon

    Presamp oto.ini error

    Hello, I have started recently using UTAU and I have a problem with presamp. I installed it by the instructions but it keeps givong me this error. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  6. Lyncredulous

    Presamp Trouble

    So, I was testing my vb, when, suddenly, presamp decided to just stop working altogether, which is pretty cool OTL I noticed this appearing whilst it was rendering, so I guess it could be relevant- but my issue is basically that it can no longer recognise "ba" for whatever reason (and...
  7. Sync_Ye

    Presamp does not respect the notes of time "R"

    I'm having a small problem with the presamp, he is not respecting the notes-defined as "R" that would be dumb, he simply ignores them and I have that for a sample with exactly nothing in it for it to follow the "R" Note: this happens with any voice bank I use
  8. Lyncredulous


    Real quick question: are there any English tutorials for creating a presamp.ini? I've been looking, but can't find anything ^^'
  9. P

    Is it possible to use presamp and moresampler together?

    The reason I ask is because, I want to use moresampler, but I also enjoy presamp's autoCV/VCV/CVVC ability. Is there a way to use the two at the same time, or? Despite being here for years, I'm actually still new at using utau ok
  10. Dangosan

    presamp.ini optimized for Standard voicebanks 2016-08-26

    A base presamp.ini for CVVC English voicebanks using the Standard CVVC phonetic system instead of X-SAMPA. The presamp.ini of Teto was referenced in the creation of this configuration file.
  11. Agatechlo

    Presamp: under the hood?

    OK, so I DL'd presamp & used it for my latest cover using Kikyuune Aiko Japanese CVVC. Sounds to me like it's working OK, & it sure made the whole UST creation process a whole lot faster. It even renders the output faster because it spawns multiple resampler processes in parallel. But I'm not...

    Can somebody check my CVVC otos (will do art/covers)

    I have a CVVC bank recorded with the EVE reclist and I'm having problems using it with Presamp. (some sounds sound corrupted and others don't play at all, even after messing around with the predit plugin. I have it set up properly too.) I'm not sure if it's the otos, the aliasing or whether I...

    Presamp problems?

    I've been using presamp for a while now and I have only just gotten these problems. So first and foremost, it won't play some sounds (such as za and yo). I have Japanese locale, so I'm not sure what's causing the problem. I tried changing the resampler that presamp uses as a wrapper (I was...