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  1. ewudora


    All credits + english lyrics are on the description!! Hope you enjoy it <3
  2. RoboCheatsyTM

    【Sukone Tei】-【UTAUカバー】

    Happy (belated) Halloween!!
  3. RoboCheatsyTM

    TEIniac Land Discord Server

    Hi~ I noticed we had this neat little section and wanted to promote my own server here! We're a very friendly Sukone Tei-centric server, and we'd love to have some new members! We've got fun bot channels, and lots of channels for you to share stuff you've made!! Link inside the spoiler~
  4. RoboCheatsyTM

    【Sukone Tei】Ai no Uta (Love Song)【UTAUカバー】

  5. RoboCheatsyTM

    【Sukone Tei】Kisaragi Attention【UTAUカバー】

  6. RoboCheatsyTM

    【Sukone Tei】Alien Alien【UTAUカバー】

    Niconico and Bilibili uploads should come later today or tomorrow.
  7. RoboCheatsyTM

    【Sukone Tei】Hitorinbo Envy【UTAUカバー】

  8. Maggie Amelia

    Tei Sukone VCV and CVVC not playing? Help?

    So I've tried many times to download a VCV or CVVC voicebank for Tei, as she's my favorite, and I've been trying to make an Engrish cover with her. Obviously, the choppier voicebank I already have for her won't work well for this (and yes, it has to be Tei doing the cover, it fits her too well)...
  9. Pokefan2012

    【Sukone Tei CVVC】 FPS 【UTAUカバー】

    It's been a while, hope I'm not too rusty!
  10. RoboCheatsyTM

    Question about a couple of UTAUloid derivatives

    Hi there. I was looking for information about a couple of derivative characters based on Sukone Tei (specifically Sukone Teiru and Ika/Squid Tei). I found Nicopedia and pixiv dictionary entires for both of them but can't find the following information: If the two are officially recognized...
  11. RoboCheatsyTM

    [Vocaloid/UTAU Fanfiction] More Than What She Seems

    Hi! I wanted to share this fanfic I've been working on! It's mainly about Sukone Tei, but the Vippaloids and Cryptonloids play various roles as well! I have 16 out of 19 chapters uploaded so far and it's available on both AO3 and! Here are the links...
  12. RoboCheatsyTM

    Sukone Tei's Whisper Append?

    I've been searching a while for Tei's whisper VB, but I can't seem to find a link to it anywhere. I know the UTAU Wiki says the link is down (I assume the vb was probably on Loda before it closed), but I was curious if anyone knew of any (official) mirrors, or had the original link to it? I...
  13. RoboCheatsyTM

    【Sukone Tei (健音テイ)】The Snow White Princess is... (白い雪のプリンセスは) 【UTAUカバー】

    Hello! I just wanted to share my cover + MMD of "The Snow White Princess is" with Tei! I linked both the YouTube and NND links so... watch it on whichever platform you prefer, I suppose! :wink: I hope you all enjoy! :sing: YouTube | NicoNico
  14. RosyKitteh

    No Logic UST Download

    You can find the download links below There are other No Logic USTs around the Web, but there's nothing like making a UST yourself. Be warned that I used VSPitch when making this, so there are some really messy pitchbends. Download my UST Google Drive Please tell me if you have problems...
  15. RosyKitteh

    Mojibake Everywhere Despite Locale Change

    I got a new bigger and badder computer and went to install UTAU on it. I changed the locale to Japanese and opened the UTAU installer. It looked like this (keep in mind that I also installed all the required language packs to type in Japanese prior to doing this): Hey, look! No mojibake! I...
  16. Mei-Saime

    [健音テイ] Blood-Stained Switch [UTAUカバー]

    "The Patient's condition has gotten worse..." Finally finished this! Fully tuned and I love me some Tei. I also just realized that her Anniversary is coming up so I'll be ready. ^^ Probably ^^;; UST: moonstr4 Editing/Tuning/Mix: Me Song: AkunoP/Mothy feat. MAYU 健音テイ (C) VIPPALOID/ミナツキトーカ
  17. Minnemii

    UST Big Time Rush Theme 2017-12-30

    This song was stuck in my for two weeks so to get it out I made a cover lol The ust comes with the instrumental :>
  18. Pokefan2012

    【Sukone Tei CVVC】Shangri-La/シャングリラ

    (I've decided that, from now on, I'll just paste my SC description whenever I make when of these posts ;)) So, I bought 'Corpse Party: Blood Covered... Repeated Fear' for my 3DS the other day, and I am loving it, so far! (Even though I already know everything that happens ^^') So, anyway, I...
  19. thibaud76200

    Sukone Tei - Umitagari