1. Hentai

    DeepVocal & SynthV | Friends of UTAU

    In accordance with our initial outline of loving all singing synthesizers and wanting to encourage discussion in emerging synths once software has enough posts in Multiple / Other Synths to show there is interest in it, we will create new subforms specifically dedicated to that software. I...
  2. kris

    were glottal effects removed from synthv basic?

    or was it just moved somewhere where I didn't see it? sorry, I only recently updated.
  3. NegaiUta

    Cover [Eleanor Forte Lite] Faded [Synthesizer V Studio Cover]

    All credits are in the description of the video! I really enjoyed using SynthV Studio, luckily the VSQx wasn't more than 3 tracks! I really like this song and I'm happy that I could cover it with Eleanor.
  4. HoodyP2

    Original 【Eleanor Forte】Fiction Getaway 【Synth V Original Song】

    So, I'm just gonna post my newly created original song here bc I don't know where I could promote it (other than the SynthV forums) so here... Enjoy my weird song! The inst, acapella, written lyrics and S5P files are in the Audiomack site's description.
  5. Kazumimi

    Multi-Synth Vocal Synth Voice Characteristics

    Hello, good people of Utaforum! I had started a thread on Vocaverse a while back documenting the traits of the various voices available for voice synths. I've had a lot of input from others on VVN, so I though I ought to share it on here, too. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to share their...
  6. OfficialR Productions

    Cover eleanor rigby but it's by eleanor forte (the beatles cover)

  7. Gin-Kaido

    Critique Requested 【SynthV】Life - Yamine Renri【闇音レンリ】

    This take a week to complete coz I felt this must be better than I did before. Even though there were some mistakes, I really happy with the result. (What a motivational song) Credits Original : Tamaazu-P ft. Hatsune Miku Append Illust : Wakuraba UST : Haichou Mix : Me Renri : EyesOnly Hope...
  8. Sync_Ye

    Vocaloid BossaNova Medley USTs [24 UTAU +2 SynthV]

    Usts by Zoe aka half-a-head Edit By Me Mix By Sonya Pv Soon ? Featuring: 01.メランコリック - Xia, Yu-Yao - CVVC 02.鎖の少女 - Kazuki Chouko Sakura - VCV 03.サンドリヨン - LANI - VCV 04.えれくとりっく・えんじぇぅ - Tamaki Yuri -Stardust- 05.千本桜 - GENBU Synth V 06.裏表ラバーズ - Renri Synth V 07.炉心融解 - Fuka - Retan 08.ネコミミアーカイブ -...
  9. WinterdrivE

    Cover [SynthV AiKO] Honey [Cyndi Wang Cover]

    Finally uploaded a full cover with AiKO! Let me know what you think!
  10. ryuno

    (synth v) help???

    i spent two weeks doing a cover of My Everything by Ariana Grande with Eleanor Forte, now, for no reason, i can't open the .json file, does anybody knows what could i do?
  11. Lyncredulous

    【Eleanor Forte】The Endless Love (English Version)【SynthV Cover】

    I hope this is in the right section of the forum :blink: I'm warning you now, the intro for this song is so long and, yes, it's a bop, but I'd recommend starting from about 3:50 if you just want to hear Ellie Yes, I'm joining the SynthV bandwagon because I'm trying to stay up to date with all...