1. FelineWasteland

    Single Reclist oto.ini OREMO Recording Package Salem-style English CVVC v1.1.0

    Link includes reclists, base otos, presamp templates, and a detailed tutorial for making and using S-CVVC voicebanks. Demonstrations: Introduction Salem-Style English CVVC, or Salem CVVC / S-CVVC for short, is not a single reclist, but rather a method and style guide for English DIY vocal...
  2. cubialpha

    VCCV English Tutorial (OpenUTAU) 1.0

  3. Enine-E901

    how to install Utau in windows 11?

    i really need help. I tried install, but Utau don't show japanese language
  4. underscoredotpng

    How to use the VSPitch plugin for UTAU

    Here in my (first) resource, I'll try to make a tutorial on how to use the VSPitch for UTAU -First of all, what do I need? You need a UST from your song of choice (obviously), an acapella from your song/UST of choice, and the instrumentals from your song (to use if you want to cover the song...
  5. Ibis

    Namine Ritsu CVVC English alias guide

    Within Namine Ritsu's CVVC voicebank, there is an extra folder called "eigo", which contains a couple of extra English sounds. I have recently been working with this voicebank, and made myself a basic guide to refer to. Since I don't see many people talk about this library, I figured I would...
  6. Big_B

    Did you know that... (Scream tip)

    ...unfortunately utau don't have a Scream parameter like other synthesizers. So for us to get a scream we need to do it manually, record scream voicebanks or use a plugin. The most "normal" way to do that is by accessing the pitch window like in the images below: First - Choose a note and press...
  7. Nouillette_2.0

    I need help with Teto Whisper VB (French noob)

    Bonjour, Pour commencer, je tiens à préciser que je parle français et que j'utilise Google Traduction, désolé si ce n'est pas très compréhensible ou si je devais faire une présentation de moi avant ou quelque chose comme ça, je fais de mon mieux. Je ne sais même pas s'il existe un sujet ou un...
  8. Pikachuk(SeleDreamsP)

    French OpenUTAU tutorial

    Hi, I'm posting here since I made a french tutorial focused on using French voices on OpenUTAU! I originally wanted to put it in the tutorial section of the forum but it says I don't have enough privileges
  9. Kiyoteru

    Event St. Defoko's School of UTAU Workshops

    St. Defoko's School of UTAU is a Discord server for supporting new and experienced UTAU users, and helping members of the community develop their skills. Every four weeks the members of the server can vote on a topic for a workshop, which will be held in the server and simultaneously streamed to...
  10. Kazumimi

    Fix Zteer's Pitch Editor Gibberish (Mojibake)

    So, you've probably noticed that even with your locale changed Zteer's pitch editor displays mojibake (gibberish) instead of hiragana. You think it makes no sense since UTAU works fine, right? So how do you fix this issue? Just change your region settings! WARNING: This may cause certain...
  11. Sylveranty

    Vorbereitung und Installation von UTAU [Deutsch]

    Im Video: Wie man das Gebietsschema (Region Locale) und das Dezimaltrennzeichen ändert, sowie wie man die japanische Tastatur der Tastatur-Auswahl hinzufügt und nutzt. Bevor ihr das Programm „UTAU“ überhaupt herunterladet, müsst ihr einige Einstellungen auf eurem PC ändern. Ansonsten wird...
  12. Sors

    Sors' Tuning Tutorial

    Okay, so for tuning, there is a simple rule regarding the pitchbends: Only place pitchbends on notes, that are actually sung in the song! If you look at a ust, and see the notes C, D#, and E are sung, do not worry to place a pitch bend at one of these. However, be aware that if you see that C#...
  13. Masuna

    How to give English Voicebanks that don’t have the 4 phoneme clear Japanese pronunciation

    I was fiddling around in vocaloid mobile and found a new way to emulate Japanese pronunciation with an English voice. A lot of people say to use the [l0] phoneme at a high consonant velocity to simulate a Japanese r, but even then, an American accent shines through. I’ve found that doing this...
  14. UtaUtaUtau

    Tutorial AviUtl Basics tutorial

    This is part 1 btw So for such a long time, I finally decided to make a basic tutorial for AviUtl. The thing is, this might be incomplete, but you can ask me for help! I do not know some other things in AviUtl so, pardon me uwu Also, here's the latest known version made be Maverick Tse, (he...
  15. Wolfe Nebula

    Arpasing Tutorial for Beginners!

    (OH MY GOODNESS I PRONOUNCED IT AS ARPRASING THE WHOLE TIME I'M SO SORRY I'M A MESS, but I'm also to lazy to redo it so here ye go) OK, so I made an Arpasing tutorial for beginners, because it confused me for a while, and now that I have it down I wan to share this new found information. I get...
  16. JAY

    Basic FL Studio Mixing Tutorial!

    All the information is in the video! Please note that this is nowhere near a perfect "solves all your problems" tutorial, and it's more for people who are just starting out with FL and have no idea what to do. And if you mix in a completely different way, that's fine too. This is just what...
  17. HoneyPai

    How To Quickly Change All Suffixes In An OTO That Already has Suffixes

    For those who don't know how to do this because I actually just figured out how to do this //hit This is just a quick tutorial on how to change all the suffixes in a premade/ base oto. In this case I used my A3 10 Mora oto as a base oto and completely spaced out on the fact that I needed a base...
  18. Mougeki Mero

    Using Instrument UTAU voicebanks

    Thought most still remain unknown, there are a few UTAU voicebanks that are not really exactly voicebanks: they are sound sources of musical instruments. They are easy to work with and can be used as a kind of a free VST for music originals, covers, remixes, etc. Even if they are not made for...
  19. HoneyPai

    Creating Audio Visualizers with FL Studio

    First I apologize for my bad tutorial Creating Audio Visualizers with FL Studio I highly suggest you render your audio first before you proceed with doing this, just in case you have too many plugins on your audio channels. SEE VIDEO FOR MORE DETAILS/ IN VIDEO EDITOR COLOR CHANGING
  20. unknownLinguist

    Things I Wish I Had Known

    The following are tips I would give my past self about UTAU. This is meant for beginners. It’s not all-inclusive, so listen to other people’s tips as well, but I’m passing on info that would’ve been good to know earlier on. If some of these things seem super obvious, it’s because some of...