1. Cola-notPro

    AmeyaP latest Update 9/15

    Ameya posted a post on Twitter: where they confirmed they were so impressed with Synth V that they decided to work on the new software. In case you don't know what I am talking about, here's my other post: https://utaforum.net/threads/ameyap-uploaded-a-new-utau-video-on-twitter.25011/ We also...
  2. Cola-notPro

    AmeyaP uploaded a new UTAU video on Twitter??

    On September 1st, Ameya uploaded a new video on their account where we can see the interface of an unknown software that looks like an updated version of UTAU. I haven't seen any post here talking about it. That's why I'm writing this one now. Please take a look: - It's Defoko singing! -...
  3. Nythoma

    Thoma VB Update | Death (Melanie Martinez Cover) + UST

  4. Hentai

    UtaForum 5.0β | The Great Relaunch

    Transition Recap After a variety of server issues and being down for almost a week we are finally back. If you noticed something different with the forum, indeed, we have our beta tag back and I incremented us up a number. We are upgraded to the latest version of Xenforo 2.2.X and with this...
  5. D

    UTAU Suddenly not working. "Invalid Property Value"

    First I'd like to preface this by making clear that I am not a new UTAU user. Although this is my first post on this site, I've actually been using the software for years, and I am rather experienced with it. I bring that up because from what I can tell, this doesn't seem to be a very regular...
  6. MuSHiE

    Critique Requested Miku - anamanaguchi demo - new Voicebank update!

    SO I am currently working on a new and updated version of my utauloid and I would like to hear what people have to say! would help a lot. currently also working on this ust with it in the process. I know the mixing is a bit off, but yeah haha.
  7. Amzsie

    Critique Requested Old VB vs New VB - What Do You Think?

    Hello! So I recorded a new voice bank recently and I was wondering what people thought about it. Maybe point out some pros and cons? Or just tell me what you think! This comparison has a short clip of it! The newer one is the 2nd example! Thanks!