1. MystSaphyr

    UtaForum Code of Conduct

    Hi all, This post has been a long time coming. As forum admin, I must apologize for how lax things have gotten here over the past couple of years. Rather than making excuses, I am here to address the underlying problems and explain the steps the moderation team and I have taken to fix our...
  2. RoboCheatsyTM

    How to Earn Utabucks?

    Sorry to ask this, but how does one earn utabucks? I've read that it's from being active on this forum, but I wanted to know if there are any specific things to do that earn them. I'm just a little confused on how the whole thing works. ^^" (I'd really like to earn some because I want to get...
  3. 1000mudkips

    Please help my main UtaFourm account is broken!

    Hey there this is actually tetodash, i'm sure some of you have probably seen me around before. I can not long into my tetodash account. I try to log in and I get my password right and all but i am not getting an email with the confirmation code. I tried contacting staff but nobody has gotten...
  4. sleepysheep7

    What exactly are Utabucks?

    while I know enough about forums to stumble my way around I'm not exactly sure what this currency is. Is it something for getting special access to stuff? Or is it just something that Utaforums does for fun?
  5. mado

    Missing UTAU in the Showcase?

    So as some of you may recall, I posted a showcase entry for my UTAU, Mefu around 2-3 weeks ago. I made some comments regarding her release and provided a download link to her voicebank and everything. I come back to the forums to find out that Mefu's showcase entry has disappeared and is back...
  6. kimchi-tan

    UtaForum members that you miss?

    Any UtaForum member, whether you're actually close to them or just really admire them, that hasn't logged in for quite a while and that you really miss ;; I really miss @shinami. I like the way she reacts to threads and I really like her tuning :love: and she never updated the Resamplers thread...