1. yumiiizuno


    so uhhh im an utau newbie and i just downloaded utau like last week and uhh my utau cant sing and in my laptop there's no change locale option in the settings and uhh how to make my utau sing :((( well in the utau tutorial that i found i should download romaji to hiragana plugin, so uhhh do you...
  2. Glitter-san

    Why does my "a" and "e" sound so weird in UTAU?

    for some reason my "a" and "e" sound weird in utau. yes, I have re-recorded my "a" but I deleted the old wave file and their is only one wave file. It almost sounds like my old "a" and my new "a" are combined for some reason?? and I don't know why my "e" sounds weird but it sounds like its...
  3. Mikai

    Looking for deleted UTAU Zeroai and Shito covers from yt: さね channel

    Hi! This week, all the Zeroai and Shito covers from the さね channel have either gone private or were deleted. So I have a question: does anyone have any of them saved in mp3 version? I really like those covers, and I'm quite sad that I can't listen to them anymore. Attached is a screenshot of...
  4. Vocal-Singthesis Fan

    I want to make a new song, and I want to know what vocal-synth I should use, can you help?

    Please help I ran out of ideas ;-; If you don't know what vocal synth to choose, you can just comment an UTAUloid or Synth-VLoid in the comments. (Note: If it is a SynthVloid, it has to be a lite one)
  5. Vocal-Singthesis Fan

    Where can I find multilangual voicebanks?

    I am not sure where to find some. Most of the ones in the Fandom site / or UTAU voicebank wiki don't have a download page or do have a download page but the download page already expired or doesnt exist anymore and just shows up as a blank page. Where can I find some Multilangual voicebanks?
  6. Mattishere

    Voicebank Matane-Kekori (V2 Voicebank)

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item Matane-Kekori (V2 Voicebank). Please add to the discussion here.
  7. Mattishere

    Matane-Kekori (V2 Voicebank)

    About Me Matane-Kekori (マタネーケコリ/ケコリ亦音) Is an open-minded person so I guess he is the therapist friend Although He can become angsty once in a while His pronounce are all, But his preferred is He/their/him Any Pronounce is okay. He's 20 and 5'11 Non-Binary and Aromantic Their personality is...
  8. Nythoma

    Thoma VB Update | Death (Melanie Martinez Cover) + UST

  9. Kosho4

    How do I share a utau voicebank without the oto.ini and the alias no longer working?

    Hi and i know this situation is a little hard to understand but let me explain, my friend make a voicebank and obviously have oto.ini and alias, but when he shared the voicebank to me and i import the voicebank in utau, the oto.ini and the alias disappeared??, when i see that, i open the...
  10. EnjouAkuma

    Voicebank Setsuen Arashi

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item Setsuen Arashi. Please add to the discussion here.
  11. Setsuen Arashi

    Setsuen Arashi

    Virtual Singer 嵐雪炎 | Setsuen Arashi -Character Information- ・Name Meaning: Snow Flame Storm ・Nicknames: セツ ・Birthday: 6/6 ・Gender: Male ・Pronouns: He/Him ・Physical age: 19 ・Mental age: 16 ・How old do they look?: 19 ・Species: Demon ・Race: Asian...
  12. Aline

    [OPENUTAU Cover] Jitter Doll [Enbukyoku Aline Tough (CVVC Mode)]

    Aline's voicebank uses a VCV-VC list, which means that, theoretically speaking, she can sing in CVVC as well as VCV. I just didn't know if it'd work because I never really programmed CVVC before and just went on to test stuff. It... Worked? You be the judge.
  13. Evelyn_evelyin1

    Problem with Kasane Teto (English)

    Hello! I'm new to UTAU. When I wanted to install Teto in English (I already have her in Japanese) all my voicebanks voices (Defoko and Teto) sounded very choppy, and I couldn't use any of them, so I had to re-install UTAU. I need to get Teto in English and Japanese. Is it possible to have...
  14. Cen_DrillON42

    Looking for Utaus

    Hello!! im looking for a masc sounding, middle-low range vcv (or any japanese vb is fine, vcv prefered though) or voice bank bank with a sort of raspyish tone(?) similar to Kensho ono or khoi dao's tone if that paints a better picture of what i mean by raspyish. so far i think Yuji Isada is...
  15. marumero-yamato

    TIPS resampler rendering error - slowed down sound.

    Basically, every single voicebank i try on TIPS renders the audio in a slow motion version. It is impossible to work with TIPS while this error happens.
  16. bebofart

    Issue installing singers in openutau

    I literally just made an account in hopes someone can answer my question Hi, I'm super new too openutau (just downloaded yesterday) anytime I try to install a singer into openutau I get this error message. I saw someone online say you could drop it in as a zip file using winrar. Is there...
  17. T

    so i just downloaded teto's "edge voicebank" and it does not work, i followed yuunari's vid on how to get other voicebanks

    yes, i set the system localle to japan,i cut and pasted it into the voices folder, she does show up but she doesn't sing, im using a romanji to hiragana translator, 1637825807 should i try deleting teto and re isntalling again?
  18. ematares


    ADACHI REI // 足立レイ // DEEPVOCAL DEMONSTRATION Hello! I was able to port Adachi Rei into Deepvocal and plan on distribution soon (w/ permission ofc, dw)! Her voicebank is a (mostly/fully) integrated CVVC / CVVX and includes an M & S phoneme. (All Credit goes to missile_39 for Rei ! All I did...
  19. cloudyyskie

    Do you guys know of any UTAUs who are similar sounding to vflower?

    Yo! So I was wondering if any of you guys knew of any UTAUs that are similar sounding to vflower! I've recently become obsessed with a lot of music using her (specifically music by Guchiry, R.I.P., and GHOST lmaoaooa) and it's honestly a vibe. Since I can't afford vocaloid in the first place, I...
  20. N

    How much space does UTAU take?

    Hello!I want to try UTAU but i share my computer,so its important to me to know how much space program i am gonna install is going to take.I haven't found anywhere how much space UTAU takes without new voicebanks.So i would like to know if you guys know how much space does UTAU need with only...