1. defoko’s rice

    intro!! ☆彡

    hi! i’m defoko’s rice :uhuhu: i’ve been going on utaforum more often nowadays for tips, so i decided to actually make an account on here i really like defoko (if my username didnt make that obvious LOL-). i try making covers with utau during my freetime, since im broke and cant afford vocaloid...
  2. VocAddict

    [VoXil] empathy [Avanna, flower, Hana]

    "It's A Love Thing" NND | SoundCloud | Audiomack | Lyrics
  3. cloudyyskie

    "Engrishing" Phoneme tips & tricks

    Hi all! I'm doing a cover of AUDIT by Weevildoing with Kagamine Rin Warm/English/Power, and since the song is in English and I'm only usin Rin's English voicebank for a small portion of the song, I've been doing a lot of engrishing with her lolol. I wanted to share some tips and tricks I've...

    Original Censored Heads ft. SF-A2 Miki

  5. cloudyyskie

    Open PayPal Art Mixing Other UTAU / VOCALOID tuning, art, and mixing commissions open!

    Heya! I'm cloudyyskie. Haven't been active here in a while, but I do utau and vocaloid tuning, along with art and mixing commissions! All details can be found here: https://cloudyycomissions.carrd.co
  6. hikarilux

    V2 and SONIKA

    I've been really interested in getting VOCALOID when I get an actually good pc, and especially V1 and V2. I know that it's impossible to get the V1 english voicebanks without piracy, but V2 pikes my interest still. More specifically, SONIKA. I am aware that she's not the most loved, even as just...
  7. cloudyyskie

    How do you go back in versions of vocaloid?

    Pretty self explanatory, but just wondering how one would revert VOCALOID5 Ver. 5.6.3 to 5.6.2.
  8. IZUKO

    WIP what can I add in this drawing?

  9. IZUKO

    can someone edit my voicebank

    now people might think that I need oto but I want my voicebank to be edited so it can sound clean and fresh because I want the voicebank to be used in many vocal synthesizer software like VOCALOID, UTAU, SYNTHESIZER V, etc...
  10. YURIalterΞgø

    Cover 【ANRI・Eleanor Forte AI】MJQ-P - "Ang Ating Kuwento"【SynthV OPM Cover】

    Eyyo whadup! How are y'all doing ✨ Made a new cover with ANRI and Eleanor Forte for Valentine's Day where they become girlfriends! This song was so precious that I had to cover it asap! Hope y'all enjoy listening :sing:
  11. Big_B

    Closed Someone is up to do a Ready Steady collab? (FINISHED)

    Hello guys, recently I get addicted again to Ready Steady song made by GIGA and I was wondering it would be cool to do a collab. I'm searching for two people to do the cover with me, you can use any utau (Although I have a prefference for VCVs voicebanks) or vocaloid. I'm also looking for...
  12. YURIalterΞgø

    『Hiraya』 Steampianist - "Ang Cariñosa" 【UTAU Cover】

    Eyyo wazzup! How are y'all doing! I made a cover of Steampianist's most recent song "Ang Cariñosa" hope y'all like it!! :sing:
  13. P

    Original no joke, I'm pretty sure the singing voice for the Donkey Kong tv show/ Zoboomafoo theme song is Cyber Songman's VP

    Like the title says, I'm pretty sure Sterling Jarvis is the voice provider! examples I know it's very unlikely, but it sounds like him to me
  14. Info-Chan

    News New Demo from Chorical; CHV02_JPN in development

    Tweet: Sample: CHV02_JPN is the codename for an in-development vocal from Chorical, LLC. There's a hidden clue as to the who the vocal is and their corresponding character. More details pending.
  15. FlowerPalette

    Hello and by me!

    Hello there! my name is Anna but i go with the username Misty190 (i love pokemon and i used to play alot..) i am 23 y.old and i am from Greece (any greek people here?? be sure to chat! :D) little things to get to know me... I use VOCALOID from 2014 maybe before 2014 i don't remember... I used...
  16. ❤️PuririnLuka❤️

    How to make a Japanese Vocaloid pronounce an english R

    I heard some amazing covers lately, and heard one of Galaco singing Plastic Love and her pronunciation for english words were amazing, and on soundcloud I heard Iroha pronounce the letter r perfectly on a english cover
  17. whiteglove

    VOCALOID2 failed to install!

    Hey! So I bought Tonio back when he was last on sale, and he REFUSES to install! I tried to reinstall Miki V2 a few months back, and both times, the installation failed. I've tried disabling drivers, installing on a different drive, installing just the voice DB, and several other things. At this...
  18. Pikachuk(SeleDreamsP)

    VOCALOID5 Plugin development template

    I have made a template project to help developers interested into developing VOCALOID5 plugins, I made it by making sure to write a clean and commented code as well as showing how to do the most used types of actions in order to make it easy to start getting into development, even for beginners...
  19. D

    News HIPPI, aka "H"

    So, 1st Place finally revealed the name of the elusive "H" character. For those who are unaware, "H" was a vocal that 1st Place announced for VOCALOID4 back during one of IA and ONE's anniversary events back in 2016. However, they told us practically nothing about it other than it would be a...
  20. VocAddict

    [VoXil feat. AVANNA] Lady Day [VOCALOID Original]

    "May she reign for evermore!" NND | Audiomack | Bandcamp Instrumental and VSQx