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Hi all! I'm doing a cover of AUDIT by Weevildoing with Kagamine Rin Warm/English/Power, and since the song is in English and I'm only usin Rin's English voicebank for a small portion of the song, I've been doing a lot of engrishing with her lolol. I wanted to share some tips and tricks I've learnt for this and ask for some of your own in return so the list will grow! Some of these are givens for the more experienced among us, but I wanna put this out here for newcomers to come back to in the future!

I (as in "wipe") [ a i ]
V (as in "viper") [ p¥ ] ,
EE (as in "free" or "clean") [ i ]
O (as in "woe") [ o w ] , [ o h ]
ah (as in "lock") [ a ]
ih (as in "this") [ e ]
ay (as in "May") [ e i ]
ur (as in "perfect") [ a 4 ]
la (as in "love") [ 4 a ]
sha, she (as in "emotions") [ S a ] , [ S e ]
kwe (as in "quit") [ k M ] [ w e ]
th (as in "that") [ ts ] , [ dZ ] , [ z ] , [ Z ]
ts (as in "it's") [ ts ] , [ z ]
ch (as in "change") [ tS ]
byu (as in "beauty") [ b' M ]
dyu (as in "dune") [ d' M]
fyu (as in "future") [ p¥' M ]
hyu (as in "Hugh") [ h' M ]
kyu (as in "cute") [ k' M ]
myu (as in "muse") [ m' M ]
nyu (as in "nuke") [ n' M ]
pyu (as in "pew") [ p' M ]
tyu (as in "tune") [ t' M ]
yu (as in "you) [ j M ]

- If a replacement is listed "[ a ] , [ e ]", for example it means one can be used to replace certain sound just as well as the other (below).
Screenshot (60).jpg
If a replacement is listed " [ a ] [ e ] " it means one note with [ a ] , the one next to it with [ e ] (below).
Screenshot (57).jpg
- As noted above, for some I've given multiple options for replacement phonemes (the ones with commas between the brackets). Play around with these!! The pronunciation will vary bank to bank, some voicebanks may not even have certain phonemes so you've just gotta play it by ear.
- In order to get the ¥ to appear, just hit \.
- For all of the byu, dyu, fyu, etc. phoneme combos, both the leading consonant (as long as you put the ' beside it in most cases) and the M (u) phonemes can be changed to anything.

Thanks for reading my (hopefully coherent, it's 2:30am for me as of writing this and I've been working on this for about an hour) engrishing phoneme tips :D
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