yamine renri

  1. Shadowespio

    Yamine Renri Crashing Utau-Synth

    I've been trying to use Yamine Renri, but when she sings certain notes it crashes utau synth or causes the render to be stuck in purgatory. I tried updating the .spef files, but a select few of those crash the application as well. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  2. aphelionic

    【UTAU Cover】 深海少女 (Deep Sea Girl) 【Yamine Renri】

    song by Yuuyu_P original vocals by Hatsune Miku ust by IrisFlower (tuning/edits by me) Yamine Renri/Yamine Renri WHISPER by Yuzuri (ゆずり) art/mix/video by me my first ever utau cover! i hope you enjoy it :D
  3. YURIalterΞgø

    Eyyo wazzup! How are y'all doing ✨

    Heya!! I'm Yuri and I'm not new when it comes to songs that used vocal synths like Utau, but I recently started using it myself and it's so much fun learning! Hope to meet awesome people here and maybe work with in the future! Hope we get along <3 Here's some works I recently did, not the best...
  4. aphelionic

    help with breaths (specifically yamine renri)

    i'm new to utau and i want my first cover (using yamine renri) to sound less awkward, so i want to add breaths to the audio. i've done some research and others have said that adding breaths in during mixing is better rather than adding them into the ust. the thing is, for renri, i can't seem to...
  5. Labrys

    Yamine Renri not singing certain notes

    Hi I'm new to Utau and I ran into a problem that I've been trying to fix for a bit. I'm doing marginal (UST Link) with Yamine Renri and Idk if it's the UST or her wav files but she's not singing certain notes. Specifically (:30) i れ, (:39) i ず ,u いF, (:67) - らS. Labeled time stamps and colored...
  6. AnnYann

    Critique Requested Yamine Renri - Cold Hand / cover by me

    Soooo, I did a cover. I really need some feedback, I'm new at this. I hope you like it tho
  7. MuddaAsian

    [UTAUカバー] 快晴 (Kaisei) ft. Yamine Renri やみね れんり

    New cover for the summer!!! I hope you all enjoy this video as much as I did making Yamine Renri sing her heart out on this amazing song by OrangeStar!!
  8. MuddaAsian

    [UTAUカバー] Bless your Breath ブレス・ユア・ブレス ft. Yamine Renri Cover

    I've already posted about this cover, but that was a prototype version, this is the finalized version that is uploaded to Youtube. I hope you all enjoy this!
  9. justsomenerd

    【UTAU Cover】Scattered Glass【Yamine Renri】

  10. MuddaAsian

    [UTAUカバー] Bless your Breath ブレス・ユア・ブレス ft. Yamine Renri Cover

    I have finally made this cover after like 3 months of procrastination!!! I hope y'all like it!
  11. Gin-Kaido

    Critique Requested 【SynthV】Life - Yamine Renri【闇音レンリ】

    This take a week to complete coz I felt this must be better than I did before. Even though there were some mistakes, I really happy with the result. (What a motivational song) Credits Original : Tamaazu-P ft. Hatsune Miku Append Illust : Wakuraba UST : Haichou Mix : Me Renri : EyesOnly Hope...
  12. L

    Prefixes or Alias

    Not so new to Utau but not so old either. I’m using a VCV for the first time but no sound comes out. The VCV is Yamine Renri so it’s supposed to be used with the whisper, edge and clear functions. However typing something like [- あW] posts all components as different parts. When I do manage to...
  13. MuddaAsian

    Cover 君がいる世界へ 一花依世界 (One Flower in the World) ft. Yamine Renri [SynthV Cover]

    I finally started using SynthV since nowadays I just keep using Yamine Renri. I wanted to make a cover on a song that was so popular in Bilibili and Chinese Vocaloids in general (Luo Tianyi originally sang this) yet there were little to no covers in japanese for both vocaloids and utauloids. I...
  14. MuddaAsian

    Critique Requested [UTAUカバー] Meltdown (炉心融解) ft. Yamine Renri やみね れんり

    I have uploaded a revised version of my song cover on Meltdown since I received massive help from @tiaramisuu . Thank you !!! ^-^ I hope you all like this version and as always structural criticism is a must for me to develop and put out better quality song covers!
  15. MuddaAsian

    [UTAUカバー] Hajimete no Oto ハジメテノオト ft. Yamine Renri

    I made a cover of a song very dear to the legacy of Hatsune Miku, but not a lot of people have made an UTAU cover of this so ended up making one with the goddess Yamine Renri. Hope y'all like it.
  16. NegaiUta

    Cover 【SYNTHESIZER V COVER】Cendrillon【Yamine Renri + GENBU】

    I just got synthv and im having a good time using it!
  17. Ris

    9 UTAU - Water Blue New World

    I can't mix a few voices
  18. MuddaAsian

    [Yamine Renri] Last Night, Good Night (Cover)

    I have just uploaded a new cover for my channel and I'd like to seek some opinions on my video ^-^ Criticism is greatly appreciated so I can further develop into a better cover artist. Youtube Link:
  19. Shizukana Yuki

    Could somebody with Yamine Renri on UTAU-Synth render this for me?

    Sorry, I really didn't know what category to put this in. I've been wanting to redo an old Yamine Renri cover because the mix was terrible, but I deleted UTAU-Synth from my Mac somewhere along the line and when I try to redownload it all I get is "403 FORBIDDEN". And I hear that you can't open a...
  20. Gin-Kaido

    【UTAUカバー】 Dear You【Yamine Renri / 闇音レンリ】

    I really like this song and I thought it would be more interesting if Yamine Renri sang this song. I hope you like this one ^^