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blender to MMD addons 2015-03-11


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irei1as submitted a new resource:

blender to MMD addons - Links for addons for the portability between blender3D and MikuMikuDance

Blender3D is a freeware, multiplatform and open source 3D modeling (and more) tool.
You can download it from
A (kind of) full manual -including how to install addons- can be read in

It's used by some modelers, like masisi, to make MMD models from scratch.
But some exterior extra tools are needed to make the transition between the two programs.

1) You'll need...

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Jellie Bellie Pete Rat Gummie Candie
Defender of Defoko
Here are two more plugins:
- meshIO by ousttrue. Can be used as its own or with Blender. The Swiss Army knife of MMD export plugins. Basically it mostly eliminates the need for PMDE. Uses a dictionary for importing and exporting bones, which means you only have to give only the English name for your bones. Licensed under a permissive license, which means you can freely edit your dictionary script if a bone is missing from the list and distribute these files as long as you keep the file under the same or a compatible license (libpng/zlib license);
- exp_pmx by NYSL. It is ideal for those who can't run PMXE for some reason. It can do some of the shiny PMX sliders. Video (with DL): Uses a separate text file for the dictionary instead of a script, but you have to enable Japanese support beforehand using the script. Requires bone and expression names to be specified in Japanese. Export-only plugin.


Jellie Bellie Pete Rat Gummie Candie
Defender of Defoko
Oh, and one more thing regarding exp_pmx: it needs Windows Vista and up or any Linux distribution and Blender 2.74 and up to work.