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Cross posted from the Chipspeech Fandom Forum. (original post here)

Note: This project is EXCLUSIVELY Chipspeech. No other vocal synth should be involved at all. This was merely cross posted to gain higher visibility.

it's kinda like living in a junkyard but you're in a dystopian future and you find a bunc of VHS tapes and you're the only person in the world and everything is lonely but you have a bunch of weed and you're high all the time and you're in Japan and you're in the sky

- FrankJavCee

If you've been on the Internet for a while, especially tumblr, you may have heard of the words "aesthetic" and "vaporwave". After reading the following quote, I realized that vaporwave would be a perfect genre to use Chipspeech in.

Vaporwave has been interpreted as a dystopian[10] critique of capitalism[9] in the vein of cyberpunk.

- Wikipedia

Look at that. Fits like a custom tailored glove, if that's a thing.

Generally, I would like for people to work on their tracks individually, but I will not discourage people working together and I feel it will be beneficial to all of us if we are able to talk about the project together.

To join, please fill out this form.

Producer Name: name here (how you will be credited)
DAW: the music program you use (for collab compatibility)
Splice Username: optional
Twitter: optional
Skype: optional

For example, I would fill out the form like this.

Producer Name: DystoP
DAW: FL Studio 12 Signature Bundle and Ableton Live 9 Lite (as well as LMMS and Podium)
Splice Username: adlez27
Twitter: adlez27
Skype: adlez27
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Producer Name: Fabuleux-P (or thibaud76200 if there are problems with that lmao)
DAW: FL Studio 10
Twitter: vy1v4
Skype: thibaud76200
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